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HP Pavilion DV1000 Series Laptop Battery

HP Pavilion DV1000 Series Laptop Battery

Quick Overview
  • HP Pavilion DV1000 Series battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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SKU 361855-001
HP Part Numbers
361855-001 382413-001 395751-251 396603-001 916C4130 HSTNN-IB10 HSTNN-Q05C
361855-003 382552-001 395751-321 398065-001 916C4430 HSTNN-IB17 HSTNN-UB09
361855-004 383492-001 395751-542 398752-001 EG414AA HSTNN-IB17 HSTNN-UB17
361856-002 383493-001 395752-001 398832-001 EG415AA HSTNN-LB09 HSTNN-W06C
361856-003 391883-001 395753-002 404232-001 HSTNN-DB09 HSTNN-LB17 PB995A#ABA
367759-001 394275-001 396600-001 407834-001 HSTNN-DB10 HSTNN-MB09 PB995A
367760-001 395751-001 396601-001 407835-001 HSTNN-DB17 HSTNN-MB10 PF723A
367769-001 395751-142 396602-001 435779-001 HSTNN-IB09 HSTNN-OB17 PM579A
Fit Laptop Models
Business Notebook NX4800 Pavilion DV1452EA Pavilion DV4203 Pavilion DV5059EA Pavilion DV5272EA Pavilion ZE2315XX Presario V2002AP Presario V2316AP
Business Notebook NX7100 Pavilion DV1473 Pavilion DV4203EA Pavilion DV5059XX Pavilion DV5272EU Pavilion ZE2400 Presario V2002EAP Presario V2317AP
Business Notebook NX7200 Pavilion DV1473EA Pavilion DV4203US Pavilion DV5061EA Pavilion DV5273EA Pavilion ZE2401EA Presario V2003AP Presario V2318AP
G3000 Pavilion DV1474 Pavilion DV4217 Pavilion DV5062EA Pavilion DV5273EU Pavilion ZE2401XT Presario V2004AP Presario V2319AP
G3000EA Pavilion DV1474EA Pavilion DV4217CL Pavilion DV5074EA Pavilion DV5274EA Pavilion ZE2405EA Presario V2005AP Presario V2320AP
G3050EA Pavilion DV1475 Pavilion DV4223 Pavilion DV5075EA Pavilion DV5274EU Pavilion ZE2409EA Presario V2006AP Presario V2321AP
G3051EA Pavilion DV1475EA Pavilion DV4223CL Pavilion DV5077EA Pavilion DV5275EA Pavilion ZE2410BR Presario V2007AP Presario V2321US
G5000 Pavilion DV1489 Pavilion DV4225 Pavilion DV5078EA Pavilion DV5275EU Pavilion ZE2410EA Presario V2008AP Presario V2322AP
G5001TU Pavilion DV1489EA Pavilion DV4225NR Pavilion DV5084EA Pavilion DV5276EA Pavilion ZE2415EA Presario V2009 Presario V2323AP
G5002EA Pavilion DV1500 Pavilion DV4230 Pavilion DV5084XX Pavilion DV5276EU Pavilion ZE2420BR Presario V2009AP Presario V2324AP
G5002TU Pavilion DV1501EA Pavilion DV4230US Pavilion DV5088 Pavilion DV5277EA Pavilion ZE2420LA Presario V2009EA Presario V2325AP
G5003EA Pavilion DV1510CA Pavilion DV4250CA Pavilion DV5088XX Pavilion DV5277EU Pavilion ZE2430BR Presario V2009LA Presario V2326AP
G5009EA Pavilion DV1510US Pavilion DV4250US Pavilion DV5091EA Pavilion DV5278EA Pavilion ZT4000 Presario V2010AP Presario V2327AP
G5040EA Pavilion DV1515CL Pavilion DV4253 Pavilion DV5091XX Pavilion DV5278EU Presario C300 Series Presario V2010EA Presario V2328AP
G5042EA Pavilion DV1515XX Pavilion DV4253US Pavilion DV5092EA Pavilion DV5279EA Presario C300EA Presario V2010LA Presario V2329AP
G5050EA Pavilion DV1519US Pavilion DV4257 Pavilion DV5092XX Pavilion DV5279EU Presario C300EU Presario V2010US Presario V2330AP
G5050EI Pavilion DV1519XX Pavilion DV4257US Pavilion DV5093EA Pavilion DV5280EA Presario C301NR Presario V2011AP Presario V2331AP
G5050EO Pavilion DV1520CA Pavilion DV4269 Pavilion DV5094EA Pavilion DV5280XX Presario C301TU Presario V2012AP Presario V2332AP
G5050ET Pavilion DV1520US Pavilion DV4269US Pavilion DV5095EA Pavilion DV5281EA Presario C302NR Presario V2013AP Presario V2333AP
G5050EW Pavilion DV1530BR Pavilion DV4270CA Pavilion DV5096EA Pavilion DV5281XX Presario C302TU Presario V2014AP Presario V2334AP
G5051EA Pavilion DV1530CA Pavilion DV4270US Pavilion DV5097EA Pavilion DV5282EA Presario C303NR Presario V2015AP Presario V2335
G5051TU Pavilion DV1530LA Pavilion DV4272 Pavilion DV5098EA Pavilion DV5282XX Presario C303TU Presario V2016AP Presario V2335AP
G5052EA Pavilion DV1530US Pavilion DV4272US Pavilion DV5099EA Pavilion DV5283EA Presario C304NR Presario V2017AP Presario V2335US
G5055EA Pavilion DV1532US Pavilion DV4275 Pavilion DV5099XX Pavilion DV5283XX Presario C304TU Presario V2018AP Presario V2336AP
G5056EA Pavilion DV1532XX Pavilion DV4275NR Pavilion DV5100 Pavilion DV5284EA Presario C305LA Presario V2019AP Presario V2337AP
G5060EF Pavilion DV1534EA Pavilion DV4300 Pavilion DV5100CTO Pavilion DV5284XX Presario C305TU Presario V2020AP Presario V2338AP
G5060EG Pavilion DV1535EA Pavilion DV4302EA Pavilion DV5100XX Pavilion DV5285EA Presario C306TU Presario V2021AP Presario V2339AP
G5060EO Pavilion DV1535LA Pavilion DV4304EA Pavilion DV5101TX Pavilion DV5285XX Presario C306US Presario V2022AP Presario V2340AP
G5060EP Pavilion DV1536EA Pavilion DV4305 Pavilion DV5101XX Pavilion DV5286EA Presario C307NR Presario V2023AP Presario V2341AP
G5060ET Pavilion DV1540CA Pavilion DV4305EA Pavilion DV5102EU Pavilion DV5286XX Presario C307TU Presario V2024AP Presario V2342AP
G5060EV Pavilion DV1540LA Pavilion DV4305US Pavilion DV5102TX Pavilion DV5287EA Presario C308LA Presario V2025AP Presario V2343AP
G5071TU Pavilion DV1540US Pavilion DV4306EA Pavilion DV5103EU Pavilion DV5287XX Presario C308TU Presario V2026AP Presario V2344AP
Pavilion DV1000 Pavilion DV1546EA Pavilion DV4307CA Pavilion DV5103TX Pavilion DV5288EA Presario C309TU Presario V2027AP Presario V2345AP
Pavilion DV1000T Pavilion DV1547EA Pavilion DV4307CL Pavilion DV5104EU Pavilion DV5288XX Presario C310EA Presario V2028AP Presario V2346AP
Pavilion DV1001AP Pavilion DV1550SE Pavilion DV4308 Pavilion DV5104TX Pavilion DV5289EA Presario C310EU Presario V2028EAP Presario V2347AP
Pavilion DV1001XX Pavilion DV1550XX Pavilion DV4308WM Pavilion DV5105EU Pavilion DV5289XX Presario C315LA Presario V2029 Presario V2348AP
Pavilion DV1002AP Pavilion DV1552EA Pavilion DV4309EA Pavilion DV5105TX Pavilion DV5292EA Presario C318LA Presario V2029AP Presario V2349AP
Pavilion DV1002XX Pavilion DV1555EA Pavilion DV4310 Pavilion DV5106EU Pavilion DV5292XX Presario C350EA Presario V2030AP Presario V2350AP
Pavilion DV1003AP Pavilion DV1580SE Pavilion DV4310US Pavilion DV5106TX Pavilion DV5293EA Presario C350EU Presario V2030US Presario V2351AP
Pavilion DV1004AP Pavilion DV1580XX Pavilion DV4312EA Pavilion DV5107EU Pavilion DV5293XX Presario C351EA Presario V2031AP Presario V2352AP
Pavilion DV1005AP Pavilion DV1586EA Pavilion DV4315EA Pavilion DV5107TX Pavilion DV5294EA Presario C351EU Presario V2032AP Presario V2353AP
Pavilion DV1006AP Pavilion DV1588EA Pavilion DV4318EA Pavilion DV5108EU Pavilion DV5294XX Presario C352EA Presario V2033AP Presario V2354AP
Pavilion DV1007AP Pavilion DV1589EA Pavilion DV4320 Pavilion DV5108TX Pavilion DV5295EA Presario C353EA Presario V2034AP Presario V2355AP
Pavilion DV1008AP Pavilion DV1591EA Pavilion DV4320US Pavilion DV5109EU Pavilion DV5295XX Presario C399 Presario V2035AP Presario V2360AP
Pavilion DV1009AP Pavilion DV1594EA Pavilion DV4321EA Pavilion DV5109TX Pavilion DV5296EA Presario C500 CTO Presario V2035EA Presario V2370AP
Pavilion DV1009XX Pavilion DV1595EA Pavilion DV4322EA Pavilion DV5110CA Pavilion DV5296XX Presario C500 Series Presario V2036AP Presario V2380TU
Pavilion DV1010AP Pavilion DV1596EA Pavilion DV4324EA Pavilion DV5110EA Pavilion DV5297EA Presario C500EA Presario V2037AP Presario V2390TU
Pavilion DV1010CA Pavilion DV1597EA Pavilion DV4325EA Pavilion DV5110EU Pavilion DV5297XX Presario C500EU Presario V2038AP Presario V2398
Pavilion DV1010CAF Pavilion DV1598EA Pavilion DV4326EA Pavilion DV5110TX Pavilion DV5298EA Presario C500T CTO Presario V2039AP Presario V2398US
Pavilion DV1010US Pavilion DV1599EA Pavilion DV4327EA Pavilion DV5110US Pavilion DV5298XX Presario C501NR Presario V2040AP Presario V2398XX
Pavilion DV1011AP Pavilion DV1600 CTO Pavilion DV4330CA Pavilion DV5110XX Pavilion DV5299EA Presario C501TU Presario V2040EA Presario V2399
Pavilion DV1012AP Pavilion DV1600 Pavilion DV4330US Pavilion DV5111EA Pavilion DV5299XX Presario C501XX Presario V2041AP Presario V2399US
Pavilion DV1012LA Pavilion DV1601TN Pavilion DV4334EA Pavilion DV5111EU Pavilion DV5300 Presario C502CA Presario V2042AP Presario V2399XX
Pavilion DV1013AP Pavilion DV1601TS Pavilion DV4335 Pavilion DV5111TU Pavilion ZE2000 Presario C502EA Presario V2043AP Presario V2400T
Pavilion DV1014AP Pavilion DV1602TN Pavilion DV4335EA Pavilion DV5111TX Pavilion ZE2000T Series Presario C502EU Presario V2044AP Presario V2401
Pavilion DV1014LA Pavilion DV1602TS Pavilion DV4335NR Pavilion DV5112EU Pavilion ZE2000T Presario C502TU Presario V2045AP Presario V2401CL
Pavilion DV1015AP Pavilion DV1603TN Pavilion DV4335US Pavilion DV5112TX Pavilion ZE2000Z Series Presario C502US Presario V2046AP Presario V2402
Pavilion DV1015LA Pavilion DV1603TS Pavilion DV4335XX Pavilion DV5113EU Pavilion ZE2000Z Presario C502XX Presario V2047AP Presario V2402US
Pavilion DV1016AP Pavilion DV1604TN Pavilion DV4336EA Pavilion DV5113TX Pavilion ZE2001AP Presario C503TU Presario V2048AP Presario V2403
Pavilion DV1017AP Pavilion DV1604TS Pavilion DV4337EA Pavilion DV5114EU Pavilion ZE2001EA Presario C503WM Presario V2069AP Presario V2403NR
Pavilion DV1018AP Pavilion DV1605TN Pavilion DV4339EA Pavilion DV5114TX Pavilion ZE2001XX Presario C504EA Presario V2069CL Presario V2404
Pavilion DV1019AP Pavilion DV1605TS Pavilion DV4340CA Pavilion DV5115EU Pavilion ZE2002AP Presario C504EU Presario V2100 CTO Presario V2404US
Pavilion DV1020AP Pavilion DV1606TN Pavilion DV4340US Pavilion DV5115NR Pavilion ZE2002EA Presario C504TU Presario V2100 Series Presario V2405CA
Pavilion DV1021AP Pavilion DV1606TS Pavilion DV4342EA Pavilion DV5115TX Pavilion ZE2003AP Presario C504US Presario V2101AP Presario V2405US
Pavilion DV1022AP Pavilion DV1607TN Pavilion DV4344EA Pavilion DV5115XX Pavilion ZE2004AP Presario C505TU Presario V2102AP Presario V2410CA
Pavilion DV1023AP Pavilion DV1607TS Pavilion DV4346EA Pavilion DV5116EU Pavilion ZE2004US Presario C506CA Presario V2103AP Presario V2410US
Pavilion DV1024AP Pavilion DV1608TN Pavilion DV4348EA Pavilion DV5116NR Pavilion ZE2005AP Presario C506TU Presario V2104AP Presario V2413
Pavilion DV1024LA Pavilion DV1608TS Pavilion DV4350EA Pavilion DV5116TX Pavilion ZE2005EA Presario C507TU Presario V2105AP Presario V2413US
Pavilion DV1025AP Pavilion DV1609TN Pavilion DV4351EA Pavilion DV5116XX Pavilion ZE2006AP Presario C507US Presario V2106AP Presario V2414
Pavilion DV1025LA Pavilion DV1609TS Pavilion DV4353EA Pavilion DV5117 Pavilion ZE2007AP Presario C508US Presario V2107AP Presario V2414NR
Pavilion DV1026AP Pavilion DV1610TN Pavilion DV4354EA Pavilion DV5117CA Pavilion ZE2007EA Presario C509NR Presario V2108AP Presario V2415
Pavilion DV1027AP Pavilion DV1610US Pavilion DV4356EA Pavilion DV5117CL Pavilion ZE2008AP Presario C518LA Presario V2109AP Presario V2415LA
Pavilion DV1029AP Pavilion DV1610XX Pavilion DV4357EA Pavilion DV5117EU Pavilion ZE2008WM Presario C540EA Presario V2109US Presario V2424
Pavilion DV1030AP Pavilion DV1611TN Pavilion DV4358EA Pavilion DV5117TX Pavilion ZE2009AP Presario C542EA Presario V2110 Presario V2424NR
Pavilion DV1031AP Pavilion DV1612TS Pavilion DV4360EA Pavilion DV5118EU Pavilion ZE2009XX Presario C550ED Presario V2110AP Presario V2500
Pavilion DV1032AP Pavilion DV1614TS Pavilion DV4363EA Pavilion DV5118TX Pavilion ZE2010AP Presario C550EF Presario V2110CA Presario V2552
Pavilion DV1033AP Pavilion DV1615TN Pavilion DV4364EA Pavilion DV5119EU Pavilion ZE2010BR Presario C550EM Presario V2110F Presario V2552US
Pavilion DV1034AP Pavilion DV1615TS Pavilion DV4365EA Pavilion DV5119TX Pavilion ZE2010EA Presario C551NR Presario V2110US Presario V2555CA
Pavilion DV1035AP Pavilion DV1616TN Pavilion DV4367EA Pavilion DV5120EA Pavilion ZE2011AP Presario C551TU Presario V2111AP Presario V2555US
Pavilion DV1036AP Pavilion DV1616TS Pavilion DV4368EA Pavilion DV5120EU Pavilion ZE2012AP Presario C552CA Presario V2112AP Presario V2565CA
Pavilion DV1037AP Pavilion DV1617EA Pavilion DV4376EA Pavilion DV5120LA Pavilion ZE2013AP Presario C552US Presario V2113AP Presario V2565US
Pavilion DV1040CA Pavilion DV1617TN Pavilion DV4378EA Pavilion DV5120TX Pavilion ZE2014AP Presario C553TU Presario V2114AP Presario V2570CA
Pavilion DV1040US Pavilion DV1617TS Pavilion DV4379EA Pavilion DV5120US Pavilion ZE2015AP Presario C554EM Presario V2115AP Presario V2570NR
Pavilion DV1042QV Pavilion DV1618EA Pavilion DV4381EA Pavilion DV5120XX Pavilion ZE2015EA Presario C554TU Presario V2116AP Presario V2575CA
Pavilion DV1044LA Pavilion DV1618TN Pavilion DV4383EA Pavilion DV5121EA Pavilion ZE2015US Presario C554US Presario V2117AP Presario V2575US
Pavilion DV1049CL Pavilion DV1618TS Pavilion DV4384EA Pavilion DV5121EU Pavilion ZE2016AP Presario C555EA Presario V2118AP Presario V2582
Pavilion DV1060US Pavilion DV1619EA Pavilion DV4385EA Pavilion DV5121TX Pavilion ZE2017AP Presario C555EL Presario V2119 Presario V2582US
Pavilion DV1065US Pavilion DV1619TN Pavilion DV4386EA Pavilion DV5121XX Pavilion ZE2018AP Presario C555EM Presario V2119AP Presario V2600 CTO
Pavilion DV1067EA Pavilion DV1619TS Pavilion DV4388EA Pavilion DV5122EA Pavilion ZE2019AP Presario C555ES Presario V2120AP Presario V2600 Series
Pavilion DV1068EA Pavilion DV1620EA Pavilion DV4391EA Pavilion DV5122TX Pavilion ZE2020AP Presario C555EU Presario V2120EA Presario V2600T
Pavilion DV1071EA Pavilion DV1620TN Pavilion DV4392EA Pavilion DV5123CL Pavilion ZE2020BR Presario C555NR Presario V2121AP Presario V2600Z
Pavilion DV1101AP Pavilion DV1620TS Pavilion DV4394EA Pavilion DV5123EA Pavilion ZE2020CA Presario C555TU Presario V2122AP Presario V2601
Pavilion DV1102AP Pavilion DV1620US Pavilion DV4395EA Pavilion DV5123TX Pavilion ZE2020EA Presario C556CA Presario V2123AP Presario V2601CL
Pavilion DV1122AP Pavilion DV1620XX Pavilion DV4396EA Pavilion DV5123XX Pavilion ZE2021EA Presario C556EM Presario V2124AP Presario V2602
Pavilion DV1128AP Pavilion DV1621EA Pavilion DV4398EA Pavilion DV5124EU Pavilion ZE2022EA Presario C556TU Presario V2125AP Presario V2602XT
Pavilion DV1134AP Pavilion DV1621TN Pavilion DV4400 Pavilion DV5124TX Pavilion ZE2023EA Presario C557CL Presario V2126AP Presario V2607CA
Pavilion DV1135AP Pavilion DV1621TS Pavilion DV4401RS Pavilion DV5125EU Pavilion ZE2024EA Presario C557TU Presario V2127AP Presario V2607CL
Pavilion DV1150US Pavilion DV1622EA Pavilion DV4401TU Pavilion DV5125TX Pavilion ZE2025EA Presario C558TU Presario V2128AP Presario V2608CA
Pavilion DV1200 Pavilion DV1622NR Pavilion DV4401XX Pavilion DV5126EU Pavilion ZE2026EA Presario C559EF Presario V2129AP Presario V2608WM
Pavilion DV1206CL Pavilion DV1622TN Pavilion DV4402TU Pavilion DV5126TX Pavilion ZE2027EA Presario C559EM Presario V2130AP Presario V2610CA
Pavilion DV1207US Pavilion DV1622TS Pavilion DV4405NR Pavilion DV5127EA Pavilion ZE2028EA Presario C559TU Presario V2131AP Presario V2610US
Pavilion DV1210US Pavilion DV1623EA Pavilion DV4410 Pavilion DV5127EU Pavilion ZE2030BR Presario C560TU Presario V2132AP Presario V2615
More Information
Uniq SequanceUILBHP0117
Laptop Brand & ModelHP Pavilion DV Series
Product TypeOriginal
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