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About Us

Divyang Shah

Managing Director Of Uniq Infotech


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Laptop Screen Problems

  • LCD screen is blank
  • Inverter install and replacement
  • Cracked laptop LCD screen
  • LCD screen has lines
  • Dim or faint image on screen

Power Problems

  • Does not power on
  • Does not charge battery
  • No power at all
  • Loose power port
  • Lights comes on for a few seconds then the laptop turns back off

Board Level Component Repair

  • Loose or damaged ports (NIC, audio ports)
  • Please contact us to confirm that we can perform this repair on your laptop.
  • DC power jack repair

Cosmetic Cracking

  • Cracked plastic casing
  • Full cosmetic refurbishing
  • LCD back cover replacement
  • Bottom base replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement


  • Dell OEM Windows Restore
  • Windows Installation
  • viruses, spy-ware, and mal-ware removal

Laptop Upgrades

  • Install Memory, Hard Drives, Video Cards
  • version Upgradtion like windows 8.1 to windows 10