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HP Envy PI06 Laptop Battery

HP Envy PI06 Laptop Battery

Quick Overview
  • HP PI06 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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Quick Overview
HP Part Numbers
709987-001 709988-541 709989-831 HSTNN-LB4O PI06 TPN-L111
709988-221 709988-542 710416-001 HSTNN-UB4N PI06062-CL TPN-L112
709988-241 709988-851 710417-001 HSTNN-YB4O PI06XL TPN-Q117
709988-242 709989-221 H6L38AA#ABB P106 PI09 TPN-Q118
709988-251 709989-241 H6L38AA P109 PIO6 TPN-Q119
709988-252 709989-421 HSTNN-LB40 P1O6 PIO9 TPN-Q120
709988-421 709989-541 HSTNN-LB4N P1O9 TPN-L110 TPN-Q121
Fit Laptop Models
Envy 15-J000 Envy 15-Q205TX Envy TouchSmart 15-J170US Pavilion 15-E014TX Pavilion 15-E071NR Pavilion 17-E063EG
Envy 15-J000 CTO Envy 15-Q206TX Envy TouchSmart 15-J173CA Pavilion 15-E015AU Pavilion 15-E071SE Pavilion 17-E063NR
Envy 15-J000EA Envy 15-Q207TX Envy TouchSmart 15-J173CL Pavilion 15-E015AX Pavilion 15-E071SO Pavilion 17-E063SF
Envy 15-J000EB Envy 15-Q208TX Envy TouchSmart 15-J178CA Pavilion 15-E030EO Pavilion 15-E071SR Pavilion 17-E063SO
Envy 15-J000EC Envy 15-Q209TX Envy TouchSmart 15T-J000 Pavilion 15-E030SA Pavilion 15-E071ST Pavilion 17-E063SR
Envy 15-J000ER Envy 15-Q210TX Envy TouchSmart 15T-J100 Pavilion 15-E030SC Pavilion 15-E072EA Pavilion 17-E064NR
Envy 15-J000EW Envy 15-Q211LA Envy TouchSmart 15T-J100 QUAD Edition Pavilion 15-E030SK Pavilion 15-E072EE Pavilion 17-E064SF
Envy 15-J000SG Envy 15-Q211TX Envy TouchSmart 15T-J100 SELECT Edition Pavilion 15-E030SO Pavilion 15-E072EK Pavilion 17-E064SR
Envy 15-J001EO Envy 15-Q300 CTO Envy TouchSmart 15Z-J000 Pavilion 15-E030SU Pavilion 15-E072EX Pavilion 17-E064SZ
Envy 15-J001ER Envy 15-Q370CA Envy TouchSmart 15Z-J000 CTO Pavilion 15-E030SZ Pavilion 15-E072NR Pavilion 17-E065NR
Envy 15-J001SB Envy 15-Q400 CTO Envy TouchSmart 17-J000 Pavilion 15-E030TX Pavilion 15-E072SA Pavilion 17-E065SR
Envy 15-J001SG Envy 15-Q420NR Envy TouchSmart 17-J010DX Pavilion 15-E030WM Pavilion 15-E072SE Pavilion 17-E065SS
Envy 15-J001SR Envy 15-Q473CL Envy TouchSmart 17-J017CL Pavilion 15-E031AX Pavilion 15-E072SO Pavilion 17-E066NR
Envy 15-J001TX Envy 15-Q667NR Envy TouchSmart 17-J023CL Pavilion 15-E031EF Pavilion 15-E072SR Pavilion 17-E066SB
Envy 15-J002EG Envy 15T-J100 Envy TouchSmart 17-J030US Pavilion 15-E031SA Pavilion 15-E072SX Pavilion 17-E066SF
Envy 15-J002EL Envy 15T-J100 QUAD Edition Envy TouchSmart 17-J037CL Pavilion 15-E031SS Pavilion 15-E073CA Pavilion 17-E066SR
Envy 15-J002ER Envy 15Z-J000 CTO Envy TouchSmart 17-J041NR Pavilion 15-E031SU Pavilion 15-E073EA Pavilion 17-E067CL
Envy 15-J002EX Envy 15Z-J100 Envy TouchSmart 17-J043CL Pavilion 15-E031TX Pavilion 15-E073EE Pavilion 17-E067EF
Envy 15-J002LA Envy 15Z-J100 CTO Envy TouchSmart 17-J078CA Pavilion 15-E032AX Pavilion 15-E073NR Pavilion 17-E067NR
Envy 15-J003EO Envy 17-J000 Envy TouchSmart 17-J100 Pavilion 15-E032ER Pavilion 15-E073SA Pavilion 17-E067SF
Envy 15-J003LA Envy 17-J000 QUAD Edition Envy TouchSmart 17-J100 QUAD Edition Pavilion 15-E032SF Pavilion 15-E073SE Pavilion 17-E068NR
Envy 15-J003SX Envy 17-J000/CT Envy TouchSmart 17-J107TX Pavilion 15-E032SR Pavilion 15-E073SF Pavilion 17-E068SF
Envy 15-J004AX Envy 17-J000CT Envy TouchSmart 17-J109TX Pavilion 15-E032TX Pavilion 15-E073SG Pavilion 17-E068SG
Envy 15-J004ER Envy 17-J000EB Envy TouchSmart 17-J113TX Pavilion 15-E033AU Pavilion 15-E073SK Pavilion 17-E069SG
Envy 15-J004LA Envy 17-J000EO Envy TouchSmart 17-J117CL Pavilion 15-E033CA Pavilion 15-E073SO Pavilion 17-E070ER
Envy 15-J004TX Envy 17-J000ER Envy TouchSmart 17-J130US Pavilion 15-E033EA Pavilion 15-E073ST Pavilion 17-E070SF
Envy 15-J005EP Envy 17-J000SO Envy TouchSmart 17-J141NR Pavilion 15-E033ER Pavilion 15-E074EE Pavilion 17-E070SR
Envy 15-J005SS Envy 17-J001EB Envy TouchSmart 17-J142NR Pavilion 15-E033EX Pavilion 15-E074NR Pavilion 17-E071NR
Envy 15-J005TU Envy 17-J001EO Envy TouchSmart 17-J143CL Pavilion 15-E033SA Pavilion 15-E074SE Pavilion 17-E071SF
Envy 15-J006AX Envy 17-J001ER Envy TouchSmart 17-J152EI Pavilion 15-E033SF Pavilion 15-E074SK Pavilion 17-E071SR
Envy 15-J006CL Envy 17-J001SG Envy TouchSmart 17-J153CL Pavilion 15-E033SL Pavilion 15-E075EE Pavilion 17-E072ER
Envy 15-J006SS Envy 17-J001TX Envy TouchSmart 17-J157CL Pavilion 15-E033SS Pavilion 15-E075EK Pavilion 17-E072NR
Envy 15-J007AX Envy 17-J002EO Envy TouchSmart 17-J160NR Pavilion 15-E033SX Pavilion 15-E075ER Pavilion 17-E072SR
Envy 15-J007CL Envy 17-J002ER Envy TouchSmart 17-J173CA Pavilion 15-E033TX Pavilion 15-E075NR Pavilion 17-E073ED
Envy 15-J007EO Envy 17-J002TX Envy TouchSmart 17-J178CA Pavilion 15-E034EA Pavilion 15-E075SE Pavilion 17-E073ER
Envy 15-J007SS Envy 17-J003EA Envy TouchSmart 17-J182NR Pavilion 15-E034ER Pavilion 15-E075SR Pavilion 17-E073NR
Envy 15-J007TU Envy 17-J003EO Envy TouchSmart 17-J185NR Pavilion 15-E034SA Pavilion 15-E076EE Pavilion 17-E073SF
Envy 15-J008AX Envy 17-J003ER Envy TouchSmart 17-J186NR Pavilion 15-E034SF Pavilion 15-E076NR Pavilion 17-E073SR
Envy 15-J008TU Envy 17-J003SA Envy TouchSmart 17T-J000 QUAD Edition CTO Pavilion 15-E034SR Pavilion 15-E076SE Pavilion 17-E074ER
Envy 15-J009EO Envy 17-J003SG Envy TouchSmart 17T-J000 SELECT Edition CTO Pavilion 15-E034SS Pavilion 15-E076SK Pavilion 17-E074NR
Envy 15-J009SS Envy 17-J003TX Envy TouchSmart 17T-J100 QUAD Edition Pavilion 15-E034TX Pavilion 15-E076SR Pavilion 17-E074SF
Envy 15-J010ER Envy 17-J003XX Envy TouchSmart 17T-J100 QUAD Edition CTO Pavilion 15-E035EF Pavilion 15-E077EE Pavilion 17-E074SR
Envy 15-J010SR Envy 17-J004EG Envy TouchSmart M7 Pavilion 15-E035EX Pavilion 15-E077EK Pavilion 17-E075ED
Envy 15-J010TX Envy 17-J004ER Envy TouchSmart M7-J003XX Pavilion 15-E035SR Pavilion 15-E077NR Pavilion 17-E075NR
Envy 15-J010US Envy 17-J004SR Envy TouchSmart M7-J010DX Pavilion 15-E035SS Pavilion 15-E077SE Pavilion 17-E075SB
Envy 15-J011DX Envy 17-J004TX Envy TouchSmart M7-J020DX Pavilion 15-E035SX Pavilion 15-E077SG Pavilion 17-E075SR
Envy 15-J011ER Envy 17-J005EG Envy TouchSmart M7-J078CA Pavilion 15-E035TX Pavilion 15-E077SR Pavilion 17-E076NR
Envy 15-J011NR Envy 17-J005EO Envy TouchSmart M7-J120DX Pavilion 15-E036SA Pavilion 15-E078EA Pavilion 17-E076SF
Envy 15-J011SB Envy 17-J005ER Envy TouchSmart M7-J178CA Pavilion 15-E036SC Pavilion 15-E078EE Pavilion 17-E077NR
Envy 15-J011SG Envy 17-J005TX Pavilion 14-E001TU Pavilion 15-E036SF Pavilion 15-E078NR Pavilion 17-E077SF
Envy 15-J011SP Envy 17-J006EA Pavilion 14-E001TX Pavilion 15-E036SS Pavilion 15-E078SA Pavilion 17-E078NR
Envy 15-J011SR Envy 17-J006ED Pavilion 14-E002TU Pavilion 15-E036SX Pavilion 15-E078SE Pavilion 17-E078SR
Envy 15-J012EO Envy 17-J006ER Pavilion 14-E002TX Pavilion 15-E036TX Pavilion 15-E079EE Pavilion 17-E079NR
Envy 15-J012LA Envy 17-J006SR Pavilion 14-E003TU Pavilion 15-E037CL Pavilion 15-E079SE Pavilion 17-E079SF
Envy 15-J012SR Envy 17-J006TX Pavilion 14-E003TX Pavilion 15-E037SO Pavilion 15-E079SR Pavilion 17-E080SF
Envy 15-J012TX Envy 17-J007EO Pavilion 14-E004TU Pavilion 15-E037SS Pavilion 15-E080EE Pavilion 17-E082SF
Envy 15-J013CL Envy 17-J007ER Pavilion 14-E004TX Pavilion 15-E037SZ Pavilion 15-E080EK Pavilion 17-E083ED
Envy 15-J013SG Envy 17-J007TX Pavilion 14-E005TU Pavilion 15-E037TX Pavilion 15-E080EO Pavilion 17-E083SF
Envy 15-J013SR Envy 17-J008EO Pavilion 14-E005TX Pavilion 15-E038SX Pavilion 15-E080SE Pavilion 17-E084SF
Envy 15-J013TX Envy 17-J008ER Pavilion 14-E006TU Pavilion 15-E038TX Pavilion 15-E080SO Pavilion 17-E085SB
Envy 15-J015SR Envy 17-J008TX Pavilion 14-E006TX Pavilion 15-E039EC Pavilion 15-E080SR Pavilion 17-E086NR
Envy 15-J015TX Envy 17-J009ED Pavilion 14-E007TU Pavilion 15-E039EX Pavilion 15-E081EA Pavilion 17-E086SF
Envy 15-J016TX Envy 17-J009EL Pavilion 14-E007TX Pavilion 15-E039NR Pavilion 15-E081EE Pavilion 17-E086SZ
Envy 15-J017CL Envy 17-J009TX Pavilion 14-E008TU Pavilion 15-E039SC Pavilion 15-E081SA Pavilion 17-E087EG
Envy 15-J017SG Envy 17-J010EE Pavilion 14-E008TX Pavilion 15-E039SG Pavilion 15-E081SE Pavilion 17-E087NR
Envy 15-J019SO Envy 17-J010EL Pavilion 14-E009TU Pavilion 15-E039SX Pavilion 15-E081SR Pavilion 17-E087SF
Envy 15-J020EO Envy 17-J010EO Pavilion 14-E009TX Pavilion 15-E039TX Pavilion 15-E081SY Pavilion 17-E088NR
Envy 15-J022EB Envy 17-J010EP Pavilion 14-E010LA Pavilion 15-E040CA Pavilion 15-E082EE Pavilion 17-E088SB
Envy 15-J022EL Envy 17-J010EW Pavilion 14-E010TU Pavilion 15-E040SA Pavilion 15-E082ER Pavilion 17-E089NR
Envy 15-J022TX Envy 17-J010SA Pavilion 14-E010TX Pavilion 15-E040SO Pavilion 15-E082SE Pavilion 17-E089SF
Envy 15-J023C Envy 17-J010SE Pavilion 14-E011TU Pavilion 15-E040SS Pavilion 15-E082SG Pavilion 17-E090EB
Envy 15-J023CL Envy 17-J010SR Pavilion 14-E011TX Pavilion 15-E040SX Pavilion 15-E082SR Pavilion 17-E090SB
Envy 15-J024TX Envy 17-J010TX Pavilion 14-E012LA Pavilion 15-E040TX Pavilion 15-E083EE Pavilion 17-E090SF
Envy 15-J025TX Envy 17-J010US Pavilion 14-E012TU Pavilion 15-E041CA Pavilion 15-E083SE Pavilion 17-E090SG
Envy 15-J026TX Envy 17-J011NR Pavilion 14-E012TX Pavilion 15-E041EK Pavilion 15-E083SR Pavilion 17-E091EG
Envy 15-J027TX Envy 17-J011SA Pavilion 14-E013TU Pavilion 15-E041EX Pavilion 15-E084CA Pavilion 17-E091SB
Envy 15-J028EO Envy 17-J011SG Pavilion 14-E013TX Pavilion 15-E041SA Pavilion 15-E084EE Pavilion 17-E092EG
Envy 15-J028TX Envy 17-J011SP Pavilion 14-E014LA Pavilion 15-E041SC Pavilion 15-E084SE Pavilion 17-E092SG
Envy 15-J030EB Envy 17-J011SR Pavilion 14-E014TU Pavilion 15-E041SF Pavilion 15-E085EE Pavilion 17-E095SF
Envy 15-J030TX Envy 17-J012ER Pavilion 14-E014TX Pavilion 15-E041SO Pavilion 15-E085EK Pavilion 17-E098NR
Envy 15-J030US Envy 17-J012SR Pavilion 14-E015TU Pavilion 15-E041SS Pavilion 15-E085ER Pavilion 17-E098SG
Envy 15-J031NR Envy 17-J013CL Pavilion 14-E015TX Pavilion 15-E041SX Pavilion 15-E085NR Pavilion 17-E099ED
Envy 15-J031SS Envy 17-J013SR Pavilion 14-E016LA Pavilion 15-E041TX Pavilion 15-E085SE Pavilion 17-E100EB
Envy 15-J031TX Envy 17-J014EG Pavilion 14-E016TU Pavilion 15-E042SA Pavilion 15-E085SR Pavilion 17-E100ER
Envy 15-J032NR Envy 17-J014SR Pavilion 14-E016TX Pavilion 15-E042SC Pavilion 15-E086EE Pavilion 17-E100EX
Envy 15-J033TX Envy 17-J015EO Pavilion 14-E017TU Pavilion 15-E042SF Pavilion 15-E086ER Pavilion 17-E100SB
Envy 15-J034TX Envy 17-J015ER Pavilion 14-E017TX Pavilion 15-E042SO Pavilion 15-E086NR Pavilion 17-E100SC
Envy 15-J035EO Envy 17-J015SR Pavilion 14-E018LA Pavilion 15-E042SS Pavilion 15-E086SE Pavilion 17-E100SF
Envy 15-J035SO Envy 17-J016EG Pavilion 14-E018TX Pavilion 15-E042TX Pavilion 15-E086SR Pavilion 17-E100SH
Envy 15-J037EL Envy 17-J016SG Pavilion 14-E019TX Pavilion 15-E043CL Pavilion 15-E087NR Pavilion 17-E100SO
Envy 15-J037TX Envy 17-J016SR Pavilion 14-E020TX Pavilion 15-E043SA Pavilion 15-E087SR Pavilion 17-E100SR
Envy 15-J039TX Envy 17-J017ER Pavilion 14-E021TX Pavilion 15-E043SF Pavilion 15-E088EE Pavilion 17-E100SV
Envy 15-J040EL Envy 17-J017SG Pavilion 14-E022TX Pavilion 15-E043SS Pavilion 15-E088EK Pavilion 17-E100SW
Envy 15-J040EO Envy 17-J017SR Pavilion 14-E023TX Pavilion 15-E043TX Pavilion 15-E088ER Pavilion 17-E100SX
Envy 15-J040ER Envy 17-J018SG Pavilion 14-E024TX Pavilion 15-E044EZ Pavilion 15-E088NR Pavilion 17-E101ED
Envy 15-J040SR Envy 17-J018SR Pavilion 14-E025TX Pavilion 15-E044SA Pavilion 15-E088SE Pavilion 17-E101NR
Envy 15-J041TX Envy 17-J019SR Pavilion 14-E026TX Pavilion 15-E044SF Pavilion 15-E088SK Pavilion 17-E101SA
Envy 15-J043ED Envy 17-J020EG Pavilion 14-E027TX Pavilion 15-E044TX Pavilion 15-E089EE Pavilion 17-E101SC
Envy 15-J045TX Envy 17-J020SS Pavilion 14-E028TX Pavilion 15-E045EX Pavilion 15-E089EK Pavilion 17-E101SL
Envy 15-J048TX Envy 17-J020US Pavilion 14-E029TX Pavilion 15-E045SA Pavilion 15-E089NR Pavilion 17-E101SP
Envy 15-J049TX Envy 17-J020US QUAD Edition Pavilion 14-E030TX Pavilion 15-E045SF Pavilion 15-E089SE Pavilion 17-E101SV
Envy 15-J050ST Envy 17-J021NR Pavilion 14-E031TX Pavilion 15-E045SX Pavilion 15-E089SG Pavilion 17-E102ED
Envy 15-J050TX Envy 17-J021SR Pavilion 14-E032TX Pavilion 15-E045TX Pavilion 15-E089SK Pavilion 17-E102NR
Envy 15-J051TX Envy 17-J021SS Pavilion 14-E033TX Pavilion 15-E046EX Pavilion 15-E089SL Pavilion 17-E102SF
Envy 15-J052TX Envy 17-J022SR Pavilion 14-E034TX Pavilion 15-E046SA Pavilion 15-E089SR Pavilion 17-E102SP
Envy 15-J054CA Envy 17-J023CL Pavilion 14-E035TX Pavilion 15-E046SF Pavilion 15-E090EA Pavilion 17-E102SR
Envy 15-J058CA Envy 17-J025ER Pavilion 14-E036TX Pavilion 15-E046SV Pavilion 15-E090EE Pavilion 17-E102SS
Envy 15-J059NR Envy 17-J025SR Pavilion 14-E037TX Pavilion 15-E046SX Pavilion 15-E090SE Pavilion 17-E103EL
Envy 15-J060EZ Envy 17-J027CL Pavilion 14-E038TX Pavilion 15-E046TX Pavilion 15-E090SIA Pavilion 17-E103EO
Envy 15-J060US Envy 17-J029NR Pavilion 14-E039TX Pavilion 15-E047EX Pavilion 15-E090SL Pavilion 17-E103ER
Envy 15-J063EI Envy 17-J029NR QUAD Edition Pavilion 14-E042TX Pavilion 15-E047SA Pavilion 15-E091EE Pavilion 17-E103NR
Envy 15-J066EZ Envy 17-J030EB Pavilion 14-E043TX Pavilion 15-E047SX Pavilion 15-E091EO Pavilion 17-E103SF
Envy 15-J068EZ Envy 17-J030US Pavilion 14-E044TX Pavilion 15-E047TX Pavilion 15-E091SE Pavilion 17-E103SL
Envy 15-J069SF Envy 17-J033EO Pavilion 14-E045TX Pavilion 15-E048EK Pavilion 15-E091SIA Pavilion 17-E103SO
Envy 15-J071SF Envy 17-J034CA Pavilion 14-E046TX Pavilion 15-E048EX Pavilion 15-E091SL Pavilion 17-E103SR
Envy 15-J075NR Envy 17-J035EO Pavilion 14-E047TX Pavilion 15-E048NR Pavilion 15-E091SO Pavilion 17-E103SS
Envy 15-J078EZ Envy 17-J036EO Pavilion 14-E048TX Pavilion 15-E048SF Pavilion 15-E091SS Pavilion 17-E104ED
Envy 15-J078SF Envy 17-J040EC Pavilion 14-E049TX Pavilion 15-E048TX Pavilion 15-E092EA Pavilion 17-E104EO
Envy 15-J079SF Envy 17-J040NR Pavilion 14-E050TX Pavilion 15-E049CA Pavilion 15-E092EE Pavilion 17-E104ER
Envy 15-J081EG Envy 17-J040US Pavilion 14-E051TX Pavilion 15-E049SF Pavilion 15-E092SA Pavilion 17-E104NR
Envy 15-J082SF Envy 17-J041NR Pavilion 14-E052TX Pavilion 15-E049TX Pavilion 15-E092SE Pavilion 17-E104SO
Envy 15-J084CA Envy 17-J043CL Pavilion 14-E053TX Pavilion 15-E050EA Pavilion 15-E093EG Pavilion 17-E104SR
Envy 15-J084NR Envy 17-J044CA Pavilion 14-E054TX Pavilion 15-E050EO Pavilion 15-E095EG Pavilion 17-E104SS
Envy 15-J085NR Envy 17-J050EX Pavilion 14-E055TX Pavilion 15-E050SA Pavilion 15-E095SR Pavilion 17-E105EB
Envy 15-J089SF Envy 17-J050US Pavilion 14-K001TX Pavilion 15-E050SF Pavilion 15-E096SA Pavilion 17-E105EO
Envy 15-J090EZ Envy 17-J050US LEAP MOTION SE Pavilion 14-K002TX Pavilion 15-E050SG Pavilion 15-E096SR Pavilion 17-E105ER
Envy 15-J092NR Envy 17-J051EI Pavilion 14-K024TX Pavilion 15-E050SH Pavilion 15-E097SA Pavilion 17-E105NR
Envy 15-J100EB Envy 17-J053EA Pavilion 14-K025TX Pavilion 15-E050SM Pavilion 15-E098EE Pavilion 17-E105SA
Envy 15-J100EL Envy 17-J057CL LEAP MOTION SE Pavilion 14-K028TX Pavilion 15-E050SO Pavilion 15-E098SE Pavilion 17-E105SF
Envy 15-J100EX Envy 17-J057OL Pavilion 14-K029TX Pavilion 15-E050SP Pavilion 15-E098SO Pavilion 17-E105SO
Envy 15-J100NF Envy 17-J060EF Pavilion 14-K030TX Pavilion 15-E050SR Pavilion 15-E099CA Pavilion 17-E105SR
Envy 15-J100NI Envy 17-J060SF Pavilion 15-E000EE Pavilion 15-E050SY Pavilion 15-E099EB Pavilion 17-E106ED
Envy 15-J100NP Envy 17-J060US Pavilion 15-E000EIA Pavilion 15-E050TX Pavilion 15-E099EE Pavilion 17-E106ER
Envy 15-J100NQ Envy 17-J060US LEAP MOTION SE Pavilion 15-E000EK Pavilion 15-E051EE    
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Uniq SequanceUILBHP0073
Laptop Brand & ModelHP EnvyBook Series
Product TypeOriginal
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