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Lenovo L10P6F21 Laptop Battery

Lenovo L10P6F21 Laptop Battery

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Quick Overview
  • Lenovo L10P6F21 laptop battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells, which has been tested to be brand new and totally compatible with the original manufacturer specifications, meets or even exceeds the original battery performance.
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Availability:In stock
Quick Overview
SKU L10P6F21
Brand Lenovo
Compatible Lenovo Part Numbers
121000935 121001089 57Y6454 L09S6Y02
121000937 121001091 57Y6455 L10C6Y02
121000938 121001094 L08S6Y21 L10M6F21
121000939 121001095 L09C6Y02 L10P6F21
121000992 121001096 L09L6Y02 L10P6Y22
121000994 121001097 L09M6Y02 LO9L6Y02
121001071 121001150 L09N6Y02 LO9S6Y02
Compatible Lenovo Laptop Models
IdeaPad B470 IdeaPad G560 0679 IdeaPad V360G IdeaPad Z465A-NNI
IdeaPad B470A IdeaPad G560A IdeaPad V370 IdeaPad Z465A-PNI
IdeaPad B470G IdeaPad G560E IdeaPad V370A IdeaPad Z465A-PTH
IdeaPad B570 IdeaPad G560G IdeaPad V370G IdeaPad Z465G
IdeaPad B570A IdeaPad G560L IdeaPad V370P IdeaPad Z470
IdeaPad B570G IdeaPad G565 IdeaPad V470 IdeaPad Z470A
IdeaPad G460 IdeaPad G565A IdeaPad V470A IdeaPad Z470A-BNI
IdeaPad G460 0677 IdeaPad G565G IdeaPad V470A-IFI IdeaPad Z470AH
IdeaPad G460 20041 IdeaPad G565L IdeaPad V470G IdeaPad Z470A-IFI
IdeaPad G460A IdeaPad G570 IdeaPad V470P IdeaPad Z470A-ITH
IdeaPad G460E IdeaPad G570A IdeaPad V570 IdeaPad Z470G
IdeaPad G460G IdeaPad G570AH IdeaPad V570A IdeaPad Z475
IdeaPad G465 IdeaPad G570E IdeaPad V570G IdeaPad Z560
IdeaPad G465A IdeaPad G570G IdeaPad V570P IdeaPad Z560A
IdeaPad G470 IdeaPad G575 IdeaPad Z370 IdeaPad Z560G
IdeaPad G470A IdeaPad G575A IdeaPad Z370A IdeaPad Z560M
IdeaPad G470AH IdeaPad G575E IdeaPad Z370A-BNI IdeaPad Z565
IdeaPad G470G IdeaPad G575G IdeaPad Z370G IdeaPad Z565A
IdeaPad G470GH IdeaPad G575L IdeaPad Z370G-ITH IdeaPad Z565G
IdeaPad G475 IdeaPad G575M IdeaPad Z460 IdeaPad Z570
IdeaPad G475A IdeaPad G770 IdeaPad Z460A IdeaPad Z570A
IdeaPad G475E IdeaPad G770A IdeaPad Z460G IdeaPad Z570A-BNI
IdeaPad G475G IdeaPad G770E IdeaPad Z460M IdeaPad Z570A-IFI
IdeaPad G475L IdeaPad G770L IdeaPad Z465 IdeaPad Z570A-ITH
IdeaPad G560 IdeaPad V360 IdeaPad Z465A IdeaPad Z575
  IdeaPad V360A IdeaPad Z465A-NEI  


More Information
Uniq Sequance UILBLEN0030
Manufacturer Lenovo
Brand Lenovo
Laptop Brand & Model Lenovo G Series
Product Type Original
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