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Lenovo Edge E530 E535 Laptop Keyboard

Lenovo Edge E530 E535 Laptop Keyboard

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90 Days

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Availability:In stock
Quick Overview
SKU 32591J1
Brand Lenovo
Compatible Lenovo Part No
32591J1 3259BE6 3259T7M 33665AU
32591K5 3259BHQ 3259T8M 33666PJ
325923X 3259BJQ 3259TEU 33666TJ
32594DG 3259BK9 3259TFU 33666YJ
325978U 3259BMM 3259TGU 33666ZG
325979U 3259BP7 3259THU 33668WJ
32597AU 3259BRF 3259TJU 33668XJ
32597BU 3259BRU 3259TKU 33668ZJ
32597CU 3259BSU 3259TLU 33669AJ
32597DU 3259BT2 3259TMU 33669BJ
32597EU 3259BW5 33661A0 62724FU
32597FU 3259C2G 33661A2 62724GU
32597GU 3259C77 33661A8 62724HU
32597HU 3259CGG 33661C2 62724PU
32597JU 3259-CTO 33661S9 62724RU
32597KU 3259DTU 33661U7 62724SU
32597LU 3259DUU 33662UU 62724TU
32599GJ 3259DVU 33662VU 627252U
3259A12 3259DWU 33662WU 627253U
3259A2G 3259ELU 33662XU 627254U
3259A71 3259EMU 33662YU 627255U
3259A89 3259EPU 33662ZU 627264U
3259AA6 3259HGG 336632U 62726HU
3259AC5 3259HLG 336633F 62727TU
3259AD9 3259HNG 336633U 62727UU
3259AMG 3259KCQ 33663RG 62727VU
3259AR8 3259LFG 33663TG 62728CU
3259AS1 3259LZG 33664CG 62728DU
3259AV8 3259M3G 336654U 62728KU
3259B13 3259M9G 336655U 62728LU
3259B26 3259MAG 336656U 62728MU
3259B51 3259MJG 336657U NZQ79GE
3259B8G 3259MKG 336658U NZY3TGE
3259B97 3259T1Q 336659U NZY6ZGE
Compatible Lenovo Laptop Model
Edge E530 
Edge E530C
Edge E535
More Information
Uniq SequanceUILKLEN0001
Laptop Brand & ModelLenovo Edge series
Type of PartsWithout Backlit Keyboard
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