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HP Pavilion DV6- 1000 Motherboard - 518432-001

HP Pavilion DV6- 1000 Motherboard - 518432-001

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Availability:Out of stocks
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SKU 518432-001
Brand HP

HP Pavilion DV6-1000 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6t-1000 CTO, dv6-1054cl, FV155AAR, FV155AV, FV157AAR, FV157AV, NM132UA, NM132UAR 

HP Pavilion DV6-1100 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6t-1100 CTO, dv6-1102xx, dv6-1113tx, dv6-1114tx, dv6-1115tx, dv6-1116tx, dv6-1120eo, dv6-1120eq, dv6-1120ew, dv6-1127tx, dv6-1128tx, dv6-1129tx, dv6-1130es, dv6-1133tx, dv6-1134ax, dv6-1135ax, dv6-1137tx, dv6-1138tx, dv6-1139tx, dv6-1140es, dv6-1140ew, dv6-1140tx, dv6-1144tx, dv6-1145tx, dv6-1146tx, dv6-1147tx, dv6-1151tx, dv6-1152tx, dv6-1153tx, dv6-1156tx, dv6-1157tx, dv6-1159tx, dv6-1160ep, dv6-1160tx, dv6-1161tx, dv6-1170ed, dv6-1180ed, dv6-1190eo, NQ116AS, NT725PA, NT726PA, NT727PA, NT728PA, NM635EA, NM635EAR, NM631EA, NQ510EA, NQ510EAR, NW970PA, NW971PA, NW971PAR, NW972PA, NW972PAR, NM636EA, NM636EAR, NZ105PA, NZ105PA3, NZ112PA, NZ112PAR, NZ113PA, NZ113PAR, VA645PA, VA646PA, VA647PA, NM640EA, NM640EAR, NM638EA, NM638EAR, VA648PA, VA659PA, VA660PA, VA661PA, VA662PA, VA676PA, VB620PA, VB621PA, VB656PA, VB657PA, VF039PA, VF039PAR, NM639EA, NM639EAR, VF040PA, VF040PAR, VH077PA, NM637EA, NM637EAR, NQ512EA, NQ512EAR, NM647EA, NM647EAR, NB634AVHP Pavilion DV6-1200 Series Entertainment Notebook PC: Pavilion dv6t-1200 CTO, dv6-1202tx, dv6-1210tx, dv6-1218ca, dv6-1221tx, dv6-1226tx, dv6-1227tx, dv6-1230tx, dv6-1233tx, dv6-1237tx, dv6-1238ca, dv6-1238tx, dv6-1239tx, dv6-1240tx, dv6-1241tx, dv6-1242tx, dv6-1243tx, dv6-1246tx, dv6-1250tx, dv6-1252tx, dv6-1253ca, dv6-1257tx, dv6-1258tx, dv6-1266tx, VE997PA, VG501PA, NV081UA, NV081UAR, VH068PA, VH115PA, VH116PA, VH848PA, VH873PA, VH907PA, NV082UA, NV082UAR, VH908PA, VJ946PA, VJ946PAR, VJ947PA, VJ947PAR, VJ948PA, VJ948PAR, VJ964PA, VJ964PAR, VJ965PA, VK010PA, VK010PAR, VM727PA, VM753PA, NV083UA, NV083UAR, VM786PA, VM787PA, VU986PA, VU986PAR, FV167AV 

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Laptop Brand & ModelHP Pavilion DV6 Series
Type of PartsLaptop Motherboard
Chipset ManufacturerIntel
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