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HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop Battery

HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop Battery

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One Year

Quick Overview
  • HP Pavilion DV2000 battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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Quick Overview
SKU 411462-121
Brand HP

HP Part Numbers

411462-121 417066-001 436281-651 446507-001 EX941AA HSTNN-IB42
411462-141 417067-001 440772-001 451864-001 HP010515-DK023R11 HSTNN-LB31
411462-251 432306-001 441243-141 452056-001 HP010515-P2T23R11 HSTNN-LB311
411462-261 432307-001 441243-241 452057-001 HP010615-S2T23R11 HSTNN-LB42
411462-321 436281-141 441243-251 454931-001 HSTNN-0B46 HSTNN-OB31
411462-361 436281-241 441243-361 455804-001 HSTNN-C17C HSTNN-OB42
411462-421 436281-251 441243-421 455806-001 HSTNN-DB31 HSTNN-Q21C
411462-442 436281-321 441243-441 460143-001 HSTNN-DB32 HSTNN-Q33C
411463-141 436281-341 441425-001 462337-001 HSTNN-DB42 HSTNN-W20C
411463-161 436281-361 441462-251 EV088AA HSTNN-DB46 HSTNN-W34C
411463-251 436281-422 441611-001 EV089AA HSTNN-IB31 HSTNN-XB32
411464-141 436281-442 446506-001 EX940AA HSTNN-IB32 NBP6A48A1
    VE06 VE12    
Fit Laptop Models
G6000 Series Pavilion DV2500 Series Pavilion DV6200 Series Pavilion DV6900 Series Presario V3000 Series Presario V3700 Series
G7000 Series Pavilion DV2600 Series Pavilion DV6300 Series Pavilion DX6600 Series Presario V3100 Series Presario V3800 Series
Pavilion DV2000 Series Pavilion DV2700 Series Pavilion DV6400 Series Pavilion DX6700 Series Presario V3200 Series Presario V6000 Series
Pavilion DV2100 Series Pavilion DV2800 Series Pavilion DV6500 Series Presario A900 Series Presario V3300 Series Presario V6100 Series
Pavilion DV2200 Series Pavilion DV2900 Series Pavilion DV6600 Series Presario C700 Series Presario V3400 Series Presario V6200 Series
Pavilion DV2300 Series Pavilion DV6000 Series Pavilion DV6700 Series Presario F500 Series Presario V3500 Series Presario V6300 Series
Pavilion DV2400 Series Pavilion DV6100 Series Pavilion DV6800 Series Presario F700 Series Presario V3600 Series Presario V6400 Series
  Presario V6600 Series Presario V6700 Series Presario V6800 Series Presario V6500 Series  


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Uniq SequanceUILBHP0133
Laptop Brand & ModelHP Pavilion DV2000
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