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HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop Battery

SKU :411462-121
411462-121 440772-001 HP010515-P2T23R11
411462-141 441243-141 HP010615-S2T23R11
411462-251 441243-241 HSTNN-0B46
411462-261 441243-251 HSTNN-C17C
411462-321 441243-361 HSTNN-DB31
411462-361 441243-421 HSTNN-DB32
411462-421 441243-441 HSTNN-DB42
411462-442 441425-001 HSTNN-DB46
411463-141 441462-251 HSTNN-IB31
411463-161 441611-001 HSTNN-IB32
411463-251 446506-001 HSTNN-IB42
411464-141 446507-001 HSTNN-LB31
417066-001 451864-001 HSTNN-LB311
417067-001 452056-001 HSTNN-LB42
432306-001 452057-001 HSTNN-OB31
432307-001 454931-001 HSTNN-OB42
436281-141 455804-001 HSTNN-Q21C
436281-241 455806-001 HSTNN-Q33C
436281-251 460143-001 HSTNN-W20C
436281-321 462337-001 HSTNN-W34C
436281-341 EV088AA HSTNN-XB32
436281-361 EV089AA NBP6A48A1
436281-422 EX940AA VE06
436281-442 EX941AA VE12
436281-651 HP010515-DK023R11
HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop Battery is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Pavilion DV2000 Pavilion DV2020TX Pavilion DV2048TX Pavilion DV6112EA Pavilion DV6131EU Pavilion DV6155EA
Pavilion DV2000T Pavilion DV2020US Pavilion DV2049TX Pavilion DV6112EU Pavilion DV6131OD Pavilion DV6155EU
Pavilion DV2000Z Pavilion DV2021TU Pavilion DV2050TX Pavilion DV6112TX Pavilion DV6132EA Pavilion DV6156EA
Pavilion DV2001TU Pavilion DV2021TX Pavilion DV2050US Pavilion DV6113EA Pavilion DV6132EU Pavilion DV6156EU
Pavilion DV2001TX Pavilion DV2022TU Pavilion DV2053EA Pavilion DV6113EU Pavilion DV6132TX Pavilion DV6157EA
Pavilion DV2001XX Pavilion DV2023TU Pavilion DV2054EA Pavilion DV6113TX Pavilion DV6133EA Pavilion DV6157EU
Pavilion DV2002TU Pavilion DV2024TU Pavilion DV2055EA Pavilion DV6113US Pavilion DV6133EU Pavilion DV6158EA
Pavilion DV2002TX Pavilion DV2024TX Pavilion DV2056EA Pavilion DV6114EA Pavilion DV6133TX Pavilion DV6158EU
Pavilion DV2002XX Pavilion DV2025LA Pavilion DV2057EA Pavilion DV6114EU Pavilion DV6134EA Pavilion DV6159EA
Pavilion DV2003EA Pavilion DV2025TU Pavilion DV2058EA Pavilion DV6114TX Pavilion DV6134EU Pavilion DV6159EU
Pavilion DV2003TU Pavilion DV2025TX Pavilion DV2064EA Pavilion DV6115EA Pavilion DV6134TX Pavilion DV6160EA
Pavilion DV2003TX Pavilion DV2026TU Pavilion DV2065EA Pavilion DV6115EU Pavilion DV6135EA Pavilion DV6160EU
Pavilion DV2003XX Pavilion DV2026TX Pavilion DV2080EA Pavilion DV6115TX Pavilion DV6135EU Pavilion DV6161EA
Pavilion DV2004EA Pavilion DV2027TU Pavilion DV2081EA Pavilion DV6116EA Pavilion DV6135NR Pavilion DV6161EU
Pavilion DV2004TU Pavilion DV2027TX Pavilion DV2082EA Pavilion DV6116EU Pavilion DV6135TX Pavilion DV6162EA
Pavilion DV2004TX Pavilion DV2028EA Pavilion DV2083EA Pavilion DV6116TX Pavilion DV6136EA Pavilion DV6162EU
Pavilion DV2004XX Pavilion DV2028TU Pavilion DV2084EA Pavilion DV6117EA Pavilion DV6136EU Pavilion DV6163EA
Pavilion DV2005EA Pavilion DV2028TX Pavilion DV2085EA Pavilion DV6117EU Pavilion DV6136TX Pavilion DV6164EA
Pavilion DV2005TU Pavilion DV2029EA Pavilion DV2088XX Pavilion DV6117TX Pavilion DV6137EA Pavilion DV6165CA
Pavilion DV2005TX Pavilion DV2029TU Pavilion DV2095EA Pavilion DV6118EA Pavilion DV6137EU Pavilion DV6165CL
Pavilion DV2005XX Pavilion DV2029TX Pavilion DV2097EA Pavilion DV6118EU Pavilion DV6137TX Pavilion DV6165EA
Pavilion DV2006EA Pavilion DV2030EA Pavilion DV2098EA Pavilion DV6118TX Pavilion DV6138EA Pavilion DV6165EU
Pavilion DV2006TU Pavilion DV2030TU Pavilion DV2099EA Pavilion DV6119EA Pavilion DV6138EU Pavilion DV6166EA
Pavilion DV2006TX Pavilion DV2030TX Pavilion DV6100 Pavilion DV6119EU Pavilion DV6138TX Pavilion DV6171CL
Pavilion DV2006XX Pavilion DV2031EA Pavilion DV6100T Pavilion DV6119TX Pavilion DV6139EA Pavilion DV6172EA
Pavilion DV2007EA Pavilion DV2031TU Pavilion DV6101EA Pavilion DV6119US Pavilion DV6139EU Pavilion DV6174CA
Pavilion DV2007TU Pavilion DV2031TX Pavilion DV6101EU Pavilion DV6120BR Pavilion DV6139TX Pavilion DV6174CL
Pavilion DV2007TX Pavilion DV2032EA Pavilion DV6101TU Pavilion DV6120CA Pavilion DV6139US Pavilion DV6174EA
Pavilion DV2008EA Pavilion DV2032TU Pavilion DV6101TX Pavilion DV6120EA Pavilion DV6140CA Pavilion DV6174EU
Pavilion DV2008TU Pavilion DV2032TX Pavilion DV6102EA Pavilion DV6120EU Pavilion DV6140EA Pavilion DV6175EA
Pavilion DV2008TX Pavilion DV2033EA Pavilion DV6102EU Pavilion DV6120LA Pavilion DV6140EU Pavilion DV6175EU
Pavilion DV2009EA Pavilion DV2033TU Pavilion DV6102OD Pavilion DV6120TX Pavilion DV6140TX Pavilion DV6180EA
Pavilion DV2009TU Pavilion DV2033TX Pavilion DV6102TX Pavilion DV6120US Pavilion DV6140US Pavilion DV6181EA
Pavilion DV2009TX Pavilion DV2034EA Pavilion DV6103EA Pavilion DV6121EA Pavilion DV6141EA Pavilion DV6182EA
Pavilion DV2009XX Pavilion DV2034TU Pavilion DV6103EU Pavilion DV6121EU Pavilion DV6141EU Pavilion DV6182EU
Pavilion DV2010EA Pavilion DV2034TX Pavilion DV6103NR Pavilion DV6122EA Pavilion DV6141TX Pavilion DV6183EA
Pavilion DV2010TU Pavilion DV2035EA Pavilion DV6103TX Pavilion DV6122EU Pavilion DV6142EA Pavilion DV6183EU
Pavilion DV2010TX Pavilion DV2035LA Pavilion DV6104EA Pavilion DV6122TX Pavilion DV6142EU Pavilion DV6184EA
Pavilion DV2011EA Pavilion DV2035TU Pavilion DV6104EU Pavilion DV6123EA Pavilion DV6142TX Pavilion DV6184EU
Pavilion DV2011TU Pavilion DV2035TX Pavilion DV6104TX Pavilion DV6123EU Pavilion DV6143TX Pavilion DV6185EA
Pavilion DV2011TX Pavilion DV2035US Pavilion DV6105CA Pavilion DV6123TX Pavilion DV6144EA Pavilion DV6185EU
Pavilion DV2012EA Pavilion DV2036EA Pavilion DV6105EA Pavilion DV6124EA Pavilion DV6144EU Pavilion DV6186EA
Pavilion DV2012TU Pavilion DV2036TU Pavilion DV6105EU Pavilion DV6124EU Pavilion DV6144TX Pavilion DV6186EU
Pavilion DV2012TX Pavilion DV2036TX Pavilion DV6105TX Pavilion DV6124TX Pavilion DV6145EA Pavilion DV6187EA
Pavilion DV2013EA Pavilion DV2037TU Pavilion DV6105US Pavilion DV6125EA Pavilion DV6145EU Pavilion DV6187EU
Pavilion DV2013TU Pavilion DV2037TX Pavilion DV6106EA Pavilion DV6125EU Pavilion DV6145TX Pavilion DV6188EA
Pavilion DV2013TX Pavilion DV2037US Pavilion DV6106EU Pavilion DV6125OM Pavilion DV6146EA Pavilion DV6188EU
Pavilion DV2014EA Pavilion DV2038TU Pavilion DV6106TX Pavilion DV6125SE Pavilion DV6146EU Pavilion DV6189EA
Pavilion DV2014TU Pavilion DV2038TX Pavilion DV6107EA Pavilion DV6125TX Pavilion DV6147EA Pavilion DV6189EU
Pavilion DV2014TX Pavilion DV2039TU Pavilion DV6107EU Pavilion DV6126EA Pavilion DV6147EU Pavilion DV6190EA
Pavilion DV2015EA Pavilion DV2039TX Pavilion DV6107TX Pavilion DV6126EU Pavilion DV6148EA Pavilion DV6190EU
Pavilion DV2015NR Pavilion DV2040CA Pavilion DV6107US Pavilion DV6126TX Pavilion DV6148EU Pavilion DV6191EA
Pavilion DV2015TU Pavilion DV2040TU Pavilion DV6108EA Pavilion DV6127EA Pavilion DV6149EA Pavilion DV6191EU
Pavilion DV2015TX Pavilion DV2040TX Pavilion DV6108EU Pavilion DV6127EU Pavilion DV6149EU Pavilion DV6195EA
Pavilion DV2016EA Pavilion DV2040US Pavilion DV6108NR Pavilion DV6127TX Pavilion DV6149TX Pavilion DV6195EU
Pavilion DV2016TU Pavilion DV2041TU Pavilion DV6108TX Pavilion DV6128EA Pavilion DV6149US Pavilion DV6195XX
Pavilion DV2016TX Pavilion DV2041TX Pavilion DV6109EA Pavilion DV6128EU Pavilion DV6150BR Pavilion DV6196EA
Pavilion DV2017EA Pavilion DV2042TU Pavilion DV6109EU Pavilion DV6128OD Pavilion DV6150CA Pavilion DV6196XX
Pavilion DV2017TU Pavilion DV2042TX Pavilion DV6109OM Pavilion DV6128TX Pavilion DV6150EA Pavilion DV6197XX
Pavilion DV2017TX Pavilion DV2043TU Pavilion DV6109TX Pavilion DV6129EA Pavilion DV6150EU Pavilion DV6198XX
Pavilion DV2018EA Pavilion DV2043TX Pavilion DV6110BR Pavilion DV6129EU Pavilion DV6150US
Pavilion DV2018TU Pavilion DV2044TU Pavilion DV6110CA Pavilion DV6129TX Pavilion DV6151EA
Pavilion DV2018TX Pavilion DV2044TX Pavilion DV6110EA Pavilion DV6129US Pavilion DV6151EU
Pavilion DV2019EA Pavilion DV2045EA Pavilion DV6110EU Pavilion DV6130CA Pavilion DV6152EA
Pavilion DV2019TU Pavilion DV2045TU Pavilion DV6110TX Pavilion DV6130EA Pavilion DV6152EU
Pavilion DV2019TX Pavilion DV2046TU Pavilion DV6110US Pavilion DV6130EU Pavilion DV6153EA
Pavilion DV2020CA Pavilion DV2046TX Pavilion DV6111EA Pavilion DV6130TX Pavilion DV6153EU
Pavilion DV2020EA Pavilion DV2047CL Pavilion DV6111EU Pavilion DV6130US Pavilion DV6154EA
Pavilion DV2020TU Pavilion DV2047TX Pavilion DV6111TX Pavilion DV6131EA Pavilion DV6154EU
Manufacturer HP
Laptop Brand & Model HP Pavilion DV2000
Product Type Original
Warranty No
Customer Reviews (1)
Original Battery
Great product, 4hr backup....! Don't think just go for it....
Review by Sahant (Posted on 4/26/2018)
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Product Knowledge

Laptop Battery Help and FAQs

How to condition your laptop battery for optimum performance

A new laptop battery must be conditioned to operate at its full capacity. Our are shipped in a discharged state and must be fully charged and partially discharged at least five times in order to reach its full run time.

To condition your laptop battery, unplug the laptop from the power cord and let the battery run your computer for 30 to 60 minutes. It is important not to let the run all the way to empty or you can damage the battery and may not be able to be recharged.

The conditioning process should be completed within the first month you receive your new battery. The conditioning process can be completed during the first week of receiving your new notebook battery. For more info, check out our page on how to calibrate a laptop battery.

Is it normal for a battery to produce heat?

It is normal for notebook batteries to produce heat when they are being charged and also when you are running on battery power. As energy is transferred within your battery cells, heat is a natural byproduct.

How to check laptop battery life

Over time, laptop batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This is a normal occurrence and is common to all rechargeable laptop batteries. Most notebook batteries today are made with advanced materials that hold their charge much longer than earlier technologies used just a few years ago. Even so, the life of a laptop battery today will be approximately 500 recharges. For most users, 2- 3 years is a typical life expectancy of a laptop battery.

Why does my laptop battery lose power over time?

You can check your computers' remaining battery life by clicking your battery icon or accessing the Power Options section within your computer's control panel. Your laptop battery life depends on the power capacity of your laptop battery and the amount of energy your computer draws.

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