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HP LA04 Original Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Series Laptop


This brand new 4 cells Replacement HP LA04 battery is made with high quality battery cells 100% Original Compatible with your HP LA04 laptop.

Our batteries are meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer specifications( voltage, capacity, safety and compatibility ), all of them have passed international certification(CE, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 etc.), strict quality and safety testing( QA & QC) before leaving the manufacturer. And the battery shell was made of high quality environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials. These batteries also have internal circuit boards with smart chips, which allows the LA04 battery to communicate with the laptop to monitor battery temperature, performance and output voltage.

We will check the functions of the Original Replacement HP LA04 battery before shipping, ensure every function works well since we understand the annoyances of dealing with defective products and want you to be 100% satisfied with our replacement HP laptop battery from UniqinfotechIndia.com

HP LA04 Original Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Series Laptop is available for purchase in increments of 1

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: Rs.3,620.00

Special Price Rs.2,980.00


Social and Secure Payments. 100% Original Product.

Cash on Delivery Available

All the Products are covered under respective company warranty as well as our own merchant warranty. You Can submit your products to nearby Service centre for Warranty purpose or just Create RMA to send email or Whatsapp # 9428422320.

Our after sales Support team will contact you, guide your for technically guidance and if not resolve over call, we will arrange for onsite warranty to pickup of your product and get it replacement from Company.

This is Our Door Delivery & Support, service for your hassles free Experience.

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Compatible Part Numbers
728248-121 751906-121 F3B96AA#ABB LA03
728248-141 751906-141 F3B96AA LA03031DF
728248-221 751906-541 HSTNN-DB5M LA03DF
728248-241 752237-001 HSTNN-DB6N LA04
728248-251 775625-121 HSTNN-IB5M LA04041-CL
728248-541 775625-141 HSTNN-IB6R LA04041DF-CL
728248-851 775625-221 HSTNN-UB5M LA04DF
728249-241 775625-222 HSTNN-UB5N LAO4
728249-541 776622-001 HSTNN-Y5BV TPN-Q129
728460-001 796047-141 HSTNN-YB5M TPN-Q130
728461-001 796047-151 J1V00AA TPN-Q131
Compatible Models
241 G1 Pavilion 15-N001LA Pavilion 15-N209ED TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N244SO
247 G1 Pavilion 15-N001SB Pavilion 15-N209ED Pavilion 15-N244TX
248 G1 Pavilion 15-N001SU Pavilion 15-N209EIA Pavilion 15-N245EE
340 G1 Pavilion 15-N001TU Pavilion 15-N209EJ Pavilion 15-N245NR
340 G2 Pavilion 15-N001TX Pavilion 15-N209ER Pavilion 15-N245SA
345 G1 Pavilion 15-N002AU Pavilion 15-N209NR Pavilion 15-N245SE
345 G2 Pavilion 15-N002AX Pavilion 15-N209SA Pavilion 15-N245TX
350 G1 Pavilion 15-N002EU Pavilion 15-N209SF Pavilion 15-N246EE
350 G2 Pavilion 15-N002LA Pavilion 15-N209SIA Pavilion 15-N246SA
355 G1 Pavilion 15-N002SO Pavilion 15-N209SK Pavilion 15-N246SE
355 G2 Pavilion 15-N002SU Pavilion 15-N209SO Pavilion 15-N246SL TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N000SA Pavilion 15-N002TU Pavilion 15-N209SR Pavilion 15-N246SL
Pavilion 14-N000SC Pavilion 15-N002TX Pavilion 15-N209TU Pavilion 15-N246TX
Pavilion 14-N001AX Pavilion 15-N003AU Pavilion 15-N209TX Pavilion 15-N246US
Pavilion 14-N001TU Pavilion 15-N003AX Pavilion 15-N210AU TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N247EE
Pavilion 14-N001TX Pavilion 15-N003TU Pavilion 15-N210AU Pavilion 15-N247NF
Pavilion 14-N002AX Pavilion 15-N003TX Pavilion 15-N210AX Pavilion 15-N247NR
Pavilion 14-N002TU Pavilion 15-N004AU Pavilion 15-N210DX Pavilion 15-N247SA
Pavilion 14-N002TX Pavilion 15-N004AX Pavilion 15-N210EB Pavilion 15-N247SE
Pavilion 14-N003AX Pavilion 15-N004SP Pavilion 15-N210ED Pavilion 15-N247SL
Pavilion 14-N003LA Pavilion 15-N004TU Pavilion 15-N210EE Pavilion 15-N247TX
Pavilion 14-N003TU Pavilion 15-N004TX Pavilion 15-N210EIA Pavilion 15-N248NR
Pavilion 14-N003TX Pavilion 15-N005AU Pavilion 15-N210EO Pavilion 15-N248SA
Pavilion 14-N004AX Pavilion 15-N005AX Pavilion 15-N210ES Pavilion 15-N248SL
Pavilion 14-N004TU Pavilion 15-N005SG Pavilion 15-N210EZ Pavilion 15-N248TX
Pavilion 14-N004TX Pavilion 15-N005SP Pavilion 15-N210NR Pavilion 15-N249NR
Pavilion 14-N005AX Pavilion 15-N005TU Pavilion 15-N210SB Pavilion 15-N249SL
Pavilion 14-N005LA Pavilion 15-N005TX Pavilion 15-N210SE Pavilion 15-N249TX
Pavilion 14-N005TU Pavilion 15-N006AU Pavilion 15-N210SF Pavilion 15-N250CA
Pavilion 14-N005TX Pavilion 15-N006AX Pavilion 15-N210SIA Pavilion 15-N250EB
Pavilion 14-N006AX Pavilion 15-N006SM Pavilion 15-N210SO Pavilion 15-N250EE
Pavilion 14-N006TU Pavilion 15-N006TU Pavilion 15-N210SR Pavilion 15-N250EU
Pavilion 14-N006TX Pavilion 15-N006TX Pavilion 15-N210ST Pavilion 15-N250EZ
Pavilion 14-N007AX Pavilion 15-N007AU Pavilion 15-N210SY Pavilion 15-N250NF
Pavilion 14-N007LA Pavilion 15-N007AX Pavilion 15-N210TU Pavilion 15-N250NR
Pavilion 14-N007TU Pavilion 15-N007SG Pavilion 15-N210TX Pavilion 15-N250SB
Pavilion 14-N007TX Pavilion 15-N007TU Pavilion 15-N210US Pavilion 15-N250SE
Pavilion 14-N008TU Pavilion 15-N007TX Pavilion 15-N211AU TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N250SH
Pavilion 14-N008TX Pavilion 15-N008AU Pavilion 15-N211AU Pavilion 15-N250SIA
Pavilion 14-N009AX Pavilion 15-N008AX Pavilion 15-N211AX Pavilion 15-N250SK
Pavilion 14-N009LA Pavilion 15-N008TU Pavilion 15-N211DX Pavilion 15-N250SP
Pavilion 14-N009TU Pavilion 15-N008TX Pavilion 15-N211ED Pavilion 15-N250SR
Pavilion 14-N009TX Pavilion 15-N009AU Pavilion 15-N211EE Pavilion 15-N250SU
Pavilion 14-N010AX Pavilion 15-N009AX Pavilion 15-N211EO Pavilion 15-N250SV
Pavilion 14-N010BR Pavilion 15-N009SR Pavilion 15-N211ND Pavilion 15-N250SY
Pavilion 14-N010SC TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N009TU Pavilion 15-N211NR Pavilion 15-N250TX
Pavilion 14-N011AU Pavilion 15-N009TX Pavilion 15-N211SE Pavilion 15-N251EL
Pavilion 14-N011TX Pavilion 15-N010AU Pavilion 15-N211SF Pavilion 15-N251EO
Pavilion 14-N012AX Pavilion 15-N010AX Pavilion 15-N211SG Pavilion 15-N251EP
Pavilion 14-N013AX Pavilion 15-N010TU Pavilion 15-N211SK Pavilion 15-N251NR
Pavilion 14-N013LA Pavilion 15-N010TX Pavilion 15-N211SO Pavilion 15-N251SA TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N013TU Pavilion 15-N010US Pavilion 15-N211SR Pavilion 15-N251SA
Pavilion 14-N014NR Pavilion 15-N011AU Pavilion 15-N211SV Pavilion 15-N251SQ
Pavilion 14-N014TU Pavilion 15-N011AX Pavilion 15-N211TU Pavilion 15-N251SR
Pavilion 14-N015AX Pavilion 15-N011NR Pavilion 15-N211TX Pavilion 15-N251SS
Pavilion 14-N015TU Pavilion 15-N011TU Pavilion 15-N212AU Pavilion 15-N251SU
Pavilion 14-N017TU Pavilion 15-N011TX Pavilion 15-N212AX Pavilion 15-N251TX
Pavilion 14-N018US Pavilion 15-N012AU Pavilion 15-N212ED TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N252NR
Pavilion 14-N019NR Pavilion 15-N012AX Pavilion 15-N212ED Pavilion 15-N252SA TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N019TU Pavilion 15-N012NR Pavilion 15-N212EI Pavilion 15-N252SA
Pavilion 14-N020BR Pavilion 15-N012TU Pavilion 15-N212ER Pavilion 15-N252SC
Pavilion 14-N020LA Pavilion 15-N012TX Pavilion 15-N212NR Pavilion 15-N252SG
Pavilion 14-N020TU Pavilion 15-N013AU Pavilion 15-N212SF Pavilion 15-N252SQ
Pavilion 14-N021LA Pavilion 15-N013AX Pavilion 15-N212SG Pavilion 15-N252SS
Pavilion 14-N021TX Pavilion 15-N013CA Pavilion 15-N212SI Pavilion 15-N252SU
Pavilion 14-N022TU Pavilion 15-N013DX Pavilion 15-N212SIA Pavilion 15-N252SV
Pavilion 14-N022TX Pavilion 15-N013TU Pavilion 15-N212SK Pavilion 15-N252SY
Pavilion 14-N023TU Pavilion 15-N013TX Pavilion 15-N212SL Pavilion 15-N252TX
Pavilion 14-N023TX Pavilion 15-N014AU Pavilion 15-N212SR Pavilion 15-N253ES
Pavilion 14-N024TU Pavilion 15-N014AX Pavilion 15-N212SV Pavilion 15-N253NF
Pavilion 14-N024TX Pavilion 15-N014NR Pavilion 15-N212TU Pavilion 15-N253NR
Pavilion 14-N025TU Pavilion 15-N014TU Pavilion 15-N212TX Pavilion 15-N253SA TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N025TX Pavilion 15-N014TX Pavilion 15-N213AU Pavilion 15-N253SA
Pavilion 14-N026LA Pavilion 15-N015AX Pavilion 15-N213AX Pavilion 15-N253SL
Pavilion 14-N026TU Pavilion 15-N015TU Pavilion 15-N213CA Pavilion 15-N253SR
Pavilion 14-N026TX Pavilion 15-N015TX Pavilion 15-N213ED Pavilion 15-N253SV
Pavilion 14-N027TU Pavilion 15-N016AX Pavilion 15-N213EG Pavilion 15-N253TX
Pavilion 14-N027TX Pavilion 15-N016TU Pavilion 15-N213EI TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N254ER
Pavilion 14-N028CA Pavilion 15-N016TX Pavilion 15-N213EI Pavilion 15-N254NR
Pavilion 14-N028LA Pavilion 15-N017AX Pavilion 15-N213EO Pavilion 15-N254SC
Pavilion 14-N028TU Pavilion 15-N017TU Pavilion 15-N213NR Pavilion 15-N254SQ
Pavilion 14-N028TX Pavilion 15-N017TX Pavilion 15-N213SG Pavilion 15-N254SR
Pavilion 14-N029LA Pavilion 15-N018AX Pavilion 15-N213SI Pavilion 15-N254TX
Pavilion 14-N029TU Pavilion 15-N018EA Pavilion 15-N213SIA Pavilion 15-N255EB
Pavilion 14-N029TX Pavilion 15-N018TU Pavilion 15-N213SK Pavilion 15-N255NR
Pavilion 14-N030BR Pavilion 15-N018TX Pavilion 15-N213SL Pavilion 15-N255SA
Pavilion 14-N030LA Pavilion 15-N019AX Pavilion 15-N213SO Pavilion 15-N255SB
Pavilion 14-N030TX Pavilion 15-N019TU Pavilion 15-N213SX Pavilion 15-N255SC
Pavilion 14-N031TX Pavilion 15-N019TX Pavilion 15-N213TU Pavilion 15-N255SR
Pavilion 14-N033TU Pavilion 15-N019WM Pavilion 15-N213TX Pavilion 15-N255TX
Pavilion 14-N033TX Pavilion 15-N020AX Pavilion 15-N214AX Pavilion 15-N256SA TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N034TU Pavilion 15-N020CA Pavilion 15-N214EI Pavilion 15-N256SA
Pavilion 14-N034TX Pavilion 15-N020NR Pavilion 15-N214EO Pavilion 15-N256SB
Pavilion 14-N035TU Pavilion 15-N020TU Pavilion 15-N214ES Pavilion 15-N256SC
Pavilion 14-N035TX Pavilion 15-N020TX Pavilion 15-N214NF Pavilion 15-N256TX
Pavilion 14-N036LA Pavilion 15-N020US Pavilion 15-N214NR Pavilion 15-N257EO
Pavilion 14-N036TU Pavilion 15-N021AX Pavilion 15-N214SI Pavilion 15-N257NR
Pavilion 14-N036TX Pavilion 15-N021TU Pavilion 15-N214SO Pavilion 15-N257SO
Pavilion 14-N037TX Pavilion 15-N021TX Pavilion 15-N214SR Pavilion 15-N257SR
Pavilion 14-N038TX Pavilion 15-N022TU Pavilion 15-N214SX Pavilion 15-N257TX
Pavilion 14-N039TX Pavilion 15-N022TX Pavilion 15-N214TU Pavilion 15-N258NR
Pavilion 14-N040BR Pavilion 15-N023CL Pavilion 15-N214TX Pavilion 15-N258SR
Pavilion 14-N040TX Pavilion 15-N023SM Pavilion 15-N215AX Pavilion 15-N258SS
Pavilion 14-N042TU Pavilion 15-N023TU Pavilion 15-N215ED Pavilion 15-N258ST
Pavilion 14-N042TX Pavilion 15-N023TX Pavilion 15-N215EE Pavilion 15-N258TX
Pavilion 14-N043TU Pavilion 15-N024ES Pavilion 15-N215EI Pavilion 15-N259EG TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N044TU Pavilion 15-N024NR Pavilion 15-N215EO Pavilion 15-N259EG
Pavilion 14-N045TU Pavilion 15-N024TU Pavilion 15-N215EZ Pavilion 15-N259NR
Pavilion 14-N046TU Pavilion 15-N024TX Pavilion 15-N215NR Pavilion 15-N259SE
Pavilion 14-N047CA Pavilion 15-N025TU Pavilion 15-N215SE Pavilion 15-N259SG TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N047TU Pavilion 15-N025TX Pavilion 15-N215SF Pavilion 15-N259SG
Pavilion 14-N048CA Pavilion 15-N026TU Pavilion 15-N215SI Pavilion 15-N259SR
Pavilion 14-N048TU Pavilion 15-N026TX Pavilion 15-N215SK Pavilion 15-N259TX
Pavilion 14-N048TX Pavilion 15-N027TX Pavilion 15-N215SO Pavilion 15-N260EE
Pavilion 14-N049TU Pavilion 15-N028EG Pavilion 15-N215SR Pavilion 15-N260NR
Pavilion 14-N050BR Pavilion 15-N028TU Pavilion 15-N215SX Pavilion 15-N260SE
Pavilion 14-N050TU Pavilion 15-N028TX Pavilion 15-N215TU Pavilion 15-N260SR
Pavilion 14-N051TU Pavilion 15-N028US Pavilion 15-N215TX Pavilion 15-N260SS
Pavilion 14-N052TU Pavilion 15-N029SG Pavilion 15-N216AX Pavilion 15-N260TX
Pavilion 14-N053TU Pavilion 15-N029SR Pavilion 15-N216EE Pavilion 15-N260US
Pavilion 14-N054TU Pavilion 15-N029TU Pavilion 15-N216EO Pavilion 15-N261EO
Pavilion 14-N055SA Pavilion 15-N029TX Pavilion 15-N216EZ Pavilion 15-N261ER
Pavilion 14-N055TX Pavilion 15-N030CA Pavilion 15-N216NR Pavilion 15-N261NR
Pavilion 14-N056TX Pavilion 15-N030TX Pavilion 15-N216SE Pavilion 15-N261SA
Pavilion 14-N057TX Pavilion 15-N030US Pavilion 15-N216SF Pavilion 15-N261SR
Pavilion 14-N058TX Pavilion 15-N031TX Pavilion 15-N216SK Pavilion 15-N261SS
Pavilion 14-N059TX Pavilion 15-N032SA Pavilion 15-N216SO Pavilion 15-N261ST
Pavilion 14-N060TX Pavilion 15-N032TX Pavilion 15-N216ST Pavilion 15-N261TX
Pavilion 14-N061TX Pavilion 15-N033CA Pavilion 15-N216TU Pavilion 15-N262EZ
Pavilion 14-N062TX Pavilion 15-N034CA Pavilion 15-N216TX Pavilion 15-N262NR
Pavilion 14-N063TX Pavilion 15-N034NR Pavilion 15-N216US Pavilion 15-N262SL
Pavilion 14-N064CA Pavilion 15-N034SO Pavilion 15-N217AX Pavilion 15-N262SR
Pavilion 14-N065TX Pavilion 15-N034TU Pavilion 15-N217EO Pavilion 15-N262SS
Pavilion 14-N066TX Pavilion 15-N035TU Pavilion 15-N217NF Pavilion 15-N262TX TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N067TX Pavilion 15-N036TX Pavilion 15-N217NR Pavilion 15-N262TX
Pavilion 14-N068TX Pavilion 15-N037CL Pavilion 15-N217SA Pavilion 15-N263EO
Pavilion 14-N069TX Pavilion 15-N037SO Pavilion 15-N217SO Pavilion 15-N263ES
Pavilion 14-N070TX Pavilion 15-N037TU Pavilion 15-N217SX Pavilion 15-N263NR
Pavilion 14-N073CA Pavilion 15-N037TX Pavilion 15-N217TU Pavilion 15-N263SA
Pavilion 14-N073TX Pavilion 15-N038SO Pavilion 15-N217TX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N263SC
Pavilion 14-N074TX Pavilion 15-N038TU Pavilion 15-N217TX Pavilion 15-N263SO
Pavilion 14-N075TX Pavilion 15-N038TX Pavilion 15-N218AX Pavilion 15-N263SR
Pavilion 14-N151XX Pavilion 15-N039TX Pavilion 15-N218EO Pavilion 15-N263TX TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N200EE Pavilion 15-N040CA Pavilion 15-N218ES Pavilion 15-N263TX
Pavilion 14-N200SE Pavilion 15-N040TU Pavilion 15-N218NR Pavilion 15-N264EL
Pavilion 14-N200SF Pavilion 15-N040TX Pavilion 15-N218SO Pavilion 15-N264NF
Pavilion 14-N201EE Pavilion 15-N040US Pavilion 15-N218SX Pavilion 15-N264NR
Pavilion 14-N201SE Pavilion 15-N041CA Pavilion 15-N218TU Pavilion 15-N264SC
Pavilion 14-N201SF TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N041TU Pavilion 15-N218TX Pavilion 15-N264SE
Pavilion 14-N202EE Pavilion 15-N041TX Pavilion 15-N219AX Pavilion 15-N264SS
Pavilion 14-N202LA Pavilion 15-N042TU Pavilion 15-N219EO Pavilion 15-N264TX TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N202SE Pavilion 15-N042TX Pavilion 15-N219NR Pavilion 15-N264TX
Pavilion 14-N202SF Pavilion 15-N043TX Pavilion 15-N219SA Pavilion 15-N265EO
Pavilion 14-N202SS Pavilion 15-N044NR Pavilion 15-N219SF Pavilion 15-N265NF
Pavilion 14-N203LA Pavilion 15-N044TU Pavilion 15-N219SK Pavilion 15-N265NR
Pavilion 14-N203SE Pavilion 15-N044TX Pavilion 15-N219SL Pavilion 15-N265SA
Pavilion 14-N204AX Pavilion 15-N045TU Pavilion 15-N219TU Pavilion 15-N265SM
Pavilion 14-N204NR Pavilion 15-N045TX Pavilion 15-N219TX Pavilion 15-N265SS
Pavilion 14-N204SA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N046TU Pavilion 15-N220AX Pavilion 15-N265ST
Pavilion 14-N204SA Pavilion 15-N046TX Pavilion 15-N220CA Pavilion 15-N265TX TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N204SE Pavilion 15-N046US Pavilion 15-N220EE Pavilion 15-N265TX
Pavilion 14-N204SF TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N047CL Pavilion 15-N220NR Pavilion 15-N266EA
Pavilion 14-N205AX Pavilion 15-N047TU Pavilion 15-N220SA Pavilion 15-N266EZ
Pavilion 14-N205SA Pavilion 15-N048CA Pavilion 15-N220SE Pavilion 15-N266NR
Pavilion 14-N205SF TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 15-N048NR Pavilion 15-N220SF Pavilion 15-N266SA
Pavilion 14-N206AX Pavilion 15-N048TU Pavilion 15-N220SK Pavilion 15-N266SG
Pavilion 14-N206SA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N048TX Pavilion 15-N220SQ Pavilion 15-N266SM
Pavilion 14-N206SA Pavilion 15-N049TU Pavilion 15-N220SS Pavilion 15-N266SR
Pavilion 14-N206SS TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N051TX Pavilion 15-N220TU Pavilion 15-N266SS
Pavilion 14-N207AX Pavilion 15-N052SP Pavilion 15-N220TX Pavilion 15-N266TX
Pavilion 14-N207LA Pavilion 15-N052TX Pavilion 15-N220US Pavilion 15-N267CA
Pavilion 14-N208AX Pavilion 15-N053TX Pavilion 15-N221EE Pavilion 15-N267EA
Pavilion 14-N208TX Pavilion 15-N054TX Pavilion 15-N221EF Pavilion 15-N267EI
Pavilion 14-N209AX Pavilion 15-N055TX Pavilion 15-N221ER Pavilion 15-N267EL
Pavilion 14-N209LA Pavilion 15-N057EB Pavilion 15-N221NR Pavilion 15-N267EO
Pavilion 14-N210TU Pavilion 15-N057SB Pavilion 15-N221SA Pavilion 15-N267NF
Pavilion 14-N211TU Pavilion 15-N060CA Pavilion 15-N221SE Pavilion 15-N267NR
Pavilion 14-N212TU Pavilion 15-N060NR Pavilion 15-N221SK Pavilion 15-N267SA
Pavilion 14-N213TU Pavilion 15-N061NR Pavilion 15-N221SO Pavilion 15-N267SG
Pavilion 14-N213TX Pavilion 15-N062NR Pavilion 15-N221SR Pavilion 15-N267SI
Pavilion 14-N214TU Pavilion 15-N063SR Pavilion 15-N221SV Pavilion 15-N267SO
Pavilion 14-N214TX Pavilion 15-N064NR Pavilion 15-N221TU Pavilion 15-N267SR
Pavilion 14-N215TU Pavilion 15-N065NR Pavilion 15-N221TX Pavilion 15-N267TX
Pavilion 14-N215TX Pavilion 15-N066US Pavilion 15-N222EA Pavilion 15-N268EA
Pavilion 14-N216TU Pavilion 15-N067CA Pavilion 15-N222NF Pavilion 15-N268EI
Pavilion 14-N216TX Pavilion 15-N067NR Pavilion 15-N222NR Pavilion 15-N268EO
Pavilion 14-N217TU Pavilion 15-N067SL Pavilion 15-N222SA Pavilion 15-N268ER
Pavilion 14-N217TX Pavilion 15-N068NR Pavilion 15-N222SM Pavilion 15-N268NR
Pavilion 14-N218TU Pavilion 15-N068SL Pavilion 15-N222SO Pavilion 15-N268SA
Pavilion 14-N218TX Pavilion 15-N069NR Pavilion 15-N222SZ Pavilion 15-N268SC
Pavilion 14-N218US Pavilion 15-N071NR Pavilion 15-N222TU Pavilion 15-N268SI
Pavilion 14-N219TU Pavilion 15-N073SO Pavilion 15-N222TX Pavilion 15-N268SL
Pavilion 14-N219TX Pavilion 15-N074EO Pavilion 15-N223EO Pavilion 15-N268SR
Pavilion 14-N220ED TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 15-N074SO Pavilion 15-N223ER Pavilion 15-N268TX
Pavilion 14-N220LA Pavilion 15-N075SO Pavilion 15-N223NR Pavilion 15-N269EB
Pavilion 14-N220TU Pavilion 15-N080CA Pavilion 15-N223SA Pavilion 15-N269EI
Pavilion 14-N221EA Pavilion 15-N084CA Pavilion 15-N223SF Pavilion 15-N269EO
Pavilion 14-N221SA Pavilion 15-N087NR Pavilion 15-N223SR Pavilion 15-N269ER
Pavilion 14-N221TU Pavilion 15-N087SR Pavilion 15-N223TU Pavilion 15-N269NR
Pavilion 14-N222TU Pavilion 15-N088CA Pavilion 15-N223TX Pavilion 15-N269SB
Pavilion 14-N222TX Pavilion 15-N088NR Pavilion 15-N224EG Pavilion 15-N269SI
Pavilion 14-N223TU Pavilion 15-N088SR Pavilion 15-N224SA Pavilion 15-N269SR
Pavilion 14-N223TX Pavilion 15-N089NR Pavilion 15-N224SG Pavilion 15-N269TX
Pavilion 14-N224TU Pavilion 15-N089SR Pavilion 15-N224TU Pavilion 15-N270EA
Pavilion 14-N224TX Pavilion 15-N090NR Pavilion 15-N224TX Pavilion 15-N270NR
Pavilion 14-N225TU Pavilion 15-N090SR Pavilion 15-N225EE Pavilion 15-N270SA
Pavilion 14-N225TX Pavilion 15-N091NR Pavilion 15-N225ER Pavilion 15-N270SG
Pavilion 14-N226TU Pavilion 15-N091SR Pavilion 15-N225NR Pavilion 15-N270TX
Pavilion 14-N226TX Pavilion 15-N092NR Pavilion 15-N225SE Pavilion 15-N271EA
Pavilion 14-N227TU Pavilion 15-N093NR Pavilion 15-N225SF Pavilion 15-N271NF
Pavilion 14-N227TX Pavilion 15-N094NR Pavilion 15-N225SO Pavilion 15-N271NR
Pavilion 14-N228CA Pavilion 15-N096NR Pavilion 15-N225SR Pavilion 15-N271SE
Pavilion 14-N228TU Pavilion 15-N097NR Pavilion 15-N225SW Pavilion 15-N271TX
Pavilion 14-N228TX Pavilion 15-N098NR Pavilion 15-N225TU Pavilion 15-N272NR
Pavilion 14-N229LA Pavilion 15-N151XX Pavilion 15-N225TX Pavilion 15-N272SR
Pavilion 14-N229TU Pavilion 15-N200EA Pavilion 15-N226EZ Pavilion 15-N272TX
Pavilion 14-N229TX Pavilion 15-N200EB Pavilion 15-N226NR Pavilion 15-N273EA
Pavilion 14-N230ED TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 15-N200ED Pavilion 15-N226SF Pavilion 15-N273EG
Pavilion 14-N230LA Pavilion 15-N200EE Pavilion 15-N226TU Pavilion 15-N273NF
Pavilion 14-N230TU Pavilion 15-N200EI Pavilion 15-N226TX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N273SA
Pavilion 14-N230TX Pavilion 15-N200EJ Pavilion 15-N226TX Pavilion 15-N273SR
Pavilion 14-N231TU Pavilion 15-N200NR Pavilion 15-N227EO Pavilion 15-N273TX
Pavilion 14-N231TX Pavilion 15-N200NX Pavilion 15-N227NR Pavilion 15-N274CA
Pavilion 14-N232TU Pavilion 15-N200SA Pavilion 15-N227SF Pavilion 15-N274EO
Pavilion 14-N232TX Pavilion 15-N200SB Pavilion 15-N227TU Pavilion 15-N274NF
Pavilion 14-N233TU Pavilion 15-N200SC Pavilion 15-N227TX Pavilion 15-N274SA
Pavilion 14-N233TX Pavilion 15-N200SE Pavilion 15-N228EO Pavilion 15-N274SR
Pavilion 14-N234TU Pavilion 15-N200SF Pavilion 15-N228ER Pavilion 15-N274TX
Pavilion 14-N234TX Pavilion 15-N200SH Pavilion 15-N228NR Pavilion 15-N275ER
Pavilion 14-N235TU Pavilion 15-N200SI Pavilion 15-N228SL Pavilion 15-N275EZ
Pavilion 14-N235TX Pavilion 15-N200SIA Pavilion 15-N228SO Pavilion 15-N275SR
Pavilion 14-N236TU Pavilion 15-N200SK Pavilion 15-N228SR Pavilion 15-N275TX
Pavilion 14-N236TX Pavilion 15-N200SS Pavilion 15-N228SS Pavilion 15-N276EA
Pavilion 14-N237TU Pavilion 15-N200ST Pavilion 15-N228TU Pavilion 15-N276EZ
Pavilion 14-N237TX Pavilion 15-N201AX Pavilion 15-N228TX Pavilion 15-N276NF
Pavilion 14-N238TU Pavilion 15-N201EE Pavilion 15-N228US Pavilion 15-N276SA
Pavilion 14-N238TX Pavilion 15-N201EO Pavilion 15-N229EO Pavilion 15-N276SR
Pavilion 14-N239TU Pavilion 15-N201NR Pavilion 15-N229ER Pavilion 15-N276TX
Pavilion 14-N239TX Pavilion 15-N201SA Pavilion 15-N229NF Pavilion 15-N277ED
Pavilion 14-N240LA Pavilion 15-N201SE Pavilion 15-N229NR Pavilion 15-N277EO
Pavilion 14-N240TU Pavilion 15-N201SK Pavilion 15-N229SA Pavilion 15-N277ND
Pavilion 14-N240TX Pavilion 15-N201SO Pavilion 15-N229SO Pavilion 15-N277NR
Pavilion 14-N241TU Pavilion 15-N201SR Pavilion 15-N229SR Pavilion 15-N277SR
Pavilion 14-N241TX Pavilion 15-N201SS Pavilion 15-N229SS Pavilion 15-N277TX
Pavilion 14-N242TU Pavilion 15-N201ST Pavilion 15-N229TU Pavilion 15-N278EA
Pavilion 14-N242TX Pavilion 15-N201SX Pavilion 15-N229TX Pavilion 15-N278ER
Pavilion 14-N243TU Pavilion 15-N201TU Pavilion 15-N230CA Pavilion 15-N278NF
Pavilion 14-N243TX Pavilion 15-N202AU Pavilion 15-N230EE Pavilion 15-N278NR
Pavilion 14-N244TX Pavilion 15-N202EE Pavilion 15-N230ER Pavilion 15-N278SA
Pavilion 14-N245TX Pavilion 15-N202EJ Pavilion 15-N230EZ Pavilion 15-N278SR
Pavilion 14-N246TX Pavilion 15-N202EO Pavilion 15-N230NR Pavilion 15-N278TX
Pavilion 14-N247TX Pavilion 15-N202NE Pavilion 15-N230SA Pavilion 15-N279NR
Pavilion 14-N248CA Pavilion 15-N202NR Pavilion 15-N230SE Pavilion 15-N279TX
Pavilion 14-N248TX Pavilion 15-N202NX Pavilion 15-N230SF Pavilion 15-N280CA
Pavilion 14-N249TX Pavilion 15-N202SE Pavilion 15-N230SL Pavilion 15-N280NR
Pavilion 14-N250TX Pavilion 15-N202SF Pavilion 15-N230SR Pavilion 15-N280SW
Pavilion 14-N251TX Pavilion 15-N202SIA Pavilion 15-N230SS Pavilion 15-N280TX
Pavilion 14-N252TX Pavilion 15-N202SP Pavilion 15-N230SW Pavilion 15-N280US
Pavilion 14-N253TX Pavilion 15-N202SR Pavilion 15-N230TU Pavilion 15-N281EA
Pavilion 14-N254TX Pavilion 15-N202SX Pavilion 15-N230TX Pavilion 15-N281NR
Pavilion 14-N255TX Pavilion 15-N203AU Pavilion 15-N230US Pavilion 15-N281TX
Pavilion 14-N256TX Pavilion 15-N203AX Pavilion 15-N231EE Pavilion 15-N282NF
Pavilion 14-N257TX Pavilion 15-N203ED Pavilion 15-N231ER Pavilion 15-N282NR
Pavilion 14-N258TX Pavilion 15-N203EE Pavilion 15-N231SE Pavilion 15-N282TX
Pavilion 14-N259TX Pavilion 15-N203EX Pavilion 15-N231SF Pavilion 15-N283NF
Pavilion 14-N260TX Pavilion 15-N203NF Pavilion 15-N231SL Pavilion 15-N283NR
Pavilion 14-N261TX Pavilion 15-N203NR Pavilion 15-N231SR Pavilion 15-N283SG
Pavilion 14-N262TX Pavilion 15-N203NX Pavilion 15-N231TU TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N283TX
Pavilion 14-N263TX Pavilion 15-N203SA Pavilion 15-N231TU Pavilion 15-N284CA
Pavilion 14-N264TX Pavilion 15-N203SE Pavilion 15-N231TX Pavilion 15-N284EG
Pavilion 14-N265TX Pavilion 15-N203SH Pavilion 15-N232EE Pavilion 15-N284NR
Pavilion 14-N266TX Pavilion 15-N203SK Pavilion 15-N232ER Pavilion 15-N284SO
Pavilion 14-N267TX Pavilion 15-N203SR Pavilion 15-N232NR Pavilion 15-N284TX
Pavilion 14-N268TX Pavilion 15-N203ST Pavilion 15-N232SA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N285EO
Pavilion 14-N269TX Pavilion 15-N203SX Pavilion 15-N232SA Pavilion 15-N285NR
Pavilion 14-N270TX Pavilion 15-N203TU Pavilion 15-N232SE Pavilion 15-N285SG
Pavilion 14-N271TX Pavilion 15-N203TX Pavilion 15-N232SF Pavilion 15-N285SO
Pavilion 14-N272TX Pavilion 15-N204AU Pavilion 15-N232TU TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N285ST
Pavilion 14-N273TX Pavilion 15-N204AX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N232TU Pavilion 15-N285TX
Pavilion 14-N274TX Pavilion 15-N204AX Pavilion 15-N232TX Pavilion 15-N286NF
Pavilion 14-N275TX Pavilion 15-N204ED TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N233CA Pavilion 15-N286NR
Pavilion 14-N276TX Pavilion 15-N204ED Pavilion 15-N233SF Pavilion 15-N286SG
Pavilion 14-N277TX Pavilion 15-N204EJ Pavilion 15-N233SL Pavilion 15-N286ST
Pavilion 14-N278TX Pavilion 15-N204EO Pavilion 15-N233SR Pavilion 15-N286TX
Pavilion 14-N279TX Pavilion 15-N204ES Pavilion 15-N233TU Pavilion 15-N287CL
Pavilion 14-N280TX Pavilion 15-N204EX Pavilion 15-N233TX Pavilion 15-N287EZ
Pavilion 14-N281TX Pavilion 15-N204NR Pavilion 15-N234EG Pavilion 15-N287NR
Pavilion 14-N282TX Pavilion 15-N204SA Pavilion 15-N234SA Pavilion 15-N287TX
Pavilion 14-N283TX Pavilion 15-N204SB Pavilion 15-N234SL Pavilion 15-N288CA
Pavilion 14-N284TX Pavilion 15-N204SC Pavilion 15-N234TU Pavilion 15-N288ER
Pavilion 14-N285TX Pavilion 15-N204SK Pavilion 15-N234TX Pavilion 15-N288NF
Pavilion 14-N286TX Pavilion 15-N204SR Pavilion 15-N235EE Pavilion 15-N288NR
Pavilion 14-N287TX Pavilion 15-N204ST Pavilion 15-N235NR Pavilion 15-N288SR
Pavilion 14-N288TX Pavilion 15-N204SX Pavilion 15-N235SA Pavilion 15-N288TX
Pavilion 14-N289TX Pavilion 15-N204TU Pavilion 15-N235SE Pavilion 15-N289ER
Pavilion 14-N290TX Pavilion 15-N204TX Pavilion 15-N235SL Pavilion 15-N289NF
Pavilion 14-N291TX Pavilion 15-N205AU Pavilion 15-N235TU Pavilion 15-N289NR
Pavilion 14-N292TX Pavilion 15-N205AX Pavilion 15-N235TX Pavilion 15-N289TX
Pavilion 14-N293TX Pavilion 15-N205EB Pavilion 15-N236EE Pavilion 15-N290EA
Pavilion 14-N294TX Pavilion 15-N205EH Pavilion 15-N236EZ Pavilion 15-N290ER
Pavilion 14-N295TX Pavilion 15-N205EJ Pavilion 15-N236NR Pavilion 15-N290NR
Pavilion 14-N296TX Pavilion 15-N205NR Pavilion 15-N236SE Pavilion 15-N290SA
Pavilion 14-N297TX Pavilion 15-N205SA Pavilion 15-N236SF Pavilion 15-N290SR
Pavilion 14-Y001LA Pavilion 15-N205SB Pavilion 15-N236SL Pavilion 15-N290ST
Pavilion 14-Y002LA Pavilion 15-N205SC Pavilion 15-N236TU Pavilion 15-N290TX
Pavilion 14-Y005LA Pavilion 15-N205SF Pavilion 15-N236TX Pavilion 15-N291ER
Pavilion 14Z-N100 CTO Pavilion 15-N205SIA Pavilion 15-N237EE Pavilion 15-N291NR
Pavilion 14Z-N100 Pavilion 15-N205SK Pavilion 15-N237EZ Pavilion 15-N291SR
Pavilion 14Z-N200 Pavilion 15-N205SR Pavilion 15-N237NR Pavilion 15-N291TX
Pavilion 15-F001DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205SS Pavilion 15-N237SE Pavilion 15-N292NR
Pavilion 15-F001XX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205ST Pavilion 15-N237SF Pavilion 15-N292SR
Pavilion 15-F003DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205SV Pavilion 15-N237TU Pavilion 15-N292TX
Pavilion 15-F004DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205SX Pavilion 15-N237TX Pavilion 15-N293CL
Pavilion 15-F004WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205TU Pavilion 15-N238EZ Pavilion 15-N293NR
Pavilion 15-F008CL TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N205TX Pavilion 15-N238NF Pavilion 15-N293SR
Pavilion 15-F009CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206AX Pavilion 15-N238NR Pavilion 15-N293TX
Pavilion 15-F009WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206EO Pavilion 15-N238SE Pavilion 15-N294NR
Pavilion 15-F010DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206NR Pavilion 15-N238TU Pavilion 15-N294TX
Pavilion 15-F010WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SA Pavilion 15-N238TX Pavilion 15-N295ER
Pavilion 15-F011NR TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SC Pavilion 15-N239CA Pavilion 15-N295TX
Pavilion 15-F014WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SF Pavilion 15-N239EE Pavilion 15-N296NR
Pavilion 15-F018CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SK Pavilion 15-N239NR Pavilion 15-N296TX
Pavilion 15-F018DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SL Pavilion 15-N239SL Pavilion 15-N297EA
Pavilion 15-F019DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SO Pavilion 15-N239TU Pavilion 15-N297EO
Pavilion 15-F021DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SP Pavilion 15-N240CA Pavilion 15-N297NR
Pavilion 15-F023WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SR Pavilion 15-N240EE Pavilion 15-N297SA
Pavilion 15-F024WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206ST Pavilion 15-N240EO Pavilion 15-N297TX
Pavilion 15-F027CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206SX Pavilion 15-N240NF Pavilion 15-N298EA
Pavilion 15-F033WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206TU TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N240NR Pavilion 15-N298NR
Pavilion 15-F039WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206TU Pavilion 15-N240SA Pavilion 15-N298SA
Pavilion 15-F048CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N206TX Pavilion 15-N240SE Pavilion 15-N298TX
Pavilion 15-F059WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207AU Pavilion 15-N240SL Pavilion 15-N299EA
Pavilion 15-F085WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207AX Pavilion 15-N240SO Pavilion 15-N299NR
Pavilion 15-F097NR TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207CL Pavilion 15-N240SX Pavilion 15-N299SA
Pavilion 15-F098NR TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207EA Pavilion 15-N240TU Pavilion 15-N299TX
Pavilion 15-F100DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207EO Pavilion 15-N240TX Pavilion 15-N300TX
Pavilion 15-F110CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207ER Pavilion 15-N240US Pavilion 15-N301TX
Pavilion 15-F111DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207EZ Pavilion 15-N241CA Pavilion 15-N302TX
Pavilion 15-F113CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207NR Pavilion 15-N241EE Pavilion 15-N303TX
Pavilion 15-F118CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SA Pavilion 15-N241NF Pavilion 15-N304TX
Pavilion 15-F125WM TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SC Pavilion 15-N241NR Pavilion 15-N305TX
Pavilion 15-F128CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SF Pavilion 15-N241SE Pavilion 15-N306TX
Pavilion 15-F158CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SG Pavilion 15-N241SL Pavilion 15-N308TX
Pavilion 15-F162DX TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SL Pavilion 15-N241TU Pavilion 15T-N100
Pavilion 15-F199NR TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SO Pavilion 15-N241TX Pavilion 15T-N200 CTO
Pavilion 15-F210CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N207SR Pavilion 15-N242EE Pavilion 15T-N200 TouchSmart CTO
Pavilion 15-F210CA Pavilion 15-N207ST Pavilion 15-N242NR Pavilion 15T-N200
Pavilion 15-F211NR Pavilion 15-N207SY Pavilion 15-N242SE Pavilion 15Z-N100 CTO
Pavilion 15-F211WM Pavilion 15-N207TU Pavilion 15-N242TU Pavilion 15Z-N200 CTO
Pavilion 15-F215DX Pavilion 15-N208AU Pavilion 15-N242TX Pavilion 15Z-N200 TouchSmart CTO
Pavilion 15-F224WM Pavilion 15-N208AX Pavilion 15-N243CL Pavilion G14
Pavilion 15-F233WM Pavilion 15-N208EIA Pavilion 15-N243EL Pavilion G14-A001TX
Pavilion 15-F240CA TouchSmart Pavilion 15-N208ES Pavilion 15-N243EO Pavilion G14-A002TX
Pavilion 15-F240CA Pavilion 15-N208NR Pavilion 15-N243NR Pavilion G14-A003TX
Pavilion 15-F247NR Pavilion 15-N208SA Pavilion 15-N243SA Pavilion G14-A004TX
Pavilion 15-F271WM Pavilion 15-N208SF Pavilion 15-N243SL Pavilion G14-A005TX
Pavilion 15-F272WM Pavilion 15-N208SIA Pavilion 15-N243SO Pavilion G14-A006TX
Pavilion 15-F305DX Pavilion 15-N208SK Pavilion 15-N243SX
Pavilion 15-F337WM Pavilion 15-N208SR Pavilion 15-N243TX
Pavilion 15-F355NR Pavilion 15-N208ST Pavilion 15-N244EO
Pavilion 15-N000EU Pavilion 15-N208TU Pavilion 15-N244EZ
Pavilion 15-N000SP Pavilion 15-N208TX Pavilion 15-N244NR
Pavilion 15-N001AU Pavilion 15-N209AU Pavilion 15-N244SA
Pavilion 15-N001AX Pavilion 15-N209AX Pavilion 15-N244SL
Manufacturer HP
Laptop Brand & Model HP Pavilion 15
Product Type Original
Warranty One Year Warranty
Customer Reviews (1)
Good Product
I don't know if it's genuine or not but it works well like the genuine one. I have used or for about six months and had no problems with it. I'm having about four hours of battery backup.
Review by Naveen (Posted on 4/25/2018)
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You're reviewing: HP LA04 Original Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion Series Laptop
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Product Knowledge

Laptop Battery Help and FAQs

How to condition your laptop battery for optimum performance

A new laptop battery must be conditioned to operate at its full capacity. Our are shipped in a discharged state and must be fully charged and partially discharged at least five times in order to reach its full run time.

To condition your laptop battery, unplug the laptop from the power cord and let the battery run your computer for 30 to 60 minutes. It is important not to let the run all the way to empty or you can damage the battery and may not be able to be recharged.

The conditioning process should be completed within the first month you receive your new battery. The conditioning process can be completed during the first week of receiving your new notebook battery. For more info, check out our page on how to calibrate a laptop battery.

Is it normal for a battery to produce heat?

It is normal for notebook batteries to produce heat when they are being charged and also when you are running on battery power. As energy is transferred within your battery cells, heat is a natural byproduct.

How to check laptop battery life

Over time, laptop batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This is a normal occurrence and is common to all rechargeable laptop batteries. Most notebook batteries today are made with advanced materials that hold their charge much longer than earlier technologies used just a few years ago. Even so, the life of a laptop battery today will be approximately 500 recharges. For most users, 2- 3 years is a typical life expectancy of a laptop battery.

Why does my laptop battery lose power over time?

You can check your computers' remaining battery life by clicking your battery icon or accessing the Power Options section within your computer's control panel. Your laptop battery life depends on the power capacity of your laptop battery and the amount of energy your computer draws.

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