HP Envy 6 Series Laptop Battery - EG04XL

HP Envy 6 Series Laptop Battery - EG04XL

  • HP EG04XL battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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HP Part Numbers
681881-121 681881-221 EG04 EGO4 HSTNN-IB3T
681881-171 681881-271 EG04060XL EGO4XL TPN-C103
681881-1B1 681951-001 EG04XL HSTNN-DB3T TPN-C108
Fit Laptop Models
Envy 6-1000 Envy 6-1011NR Envy 6-1021TU Envy 6-1105TX Envy 6-1204TX
Envy 6-1000SG Envy 6-1011TU Envy 6-1022TU Envy 6-1106TX Envy 6-1205TU
Envy 6-1001TU Envy 6-1011TX Envy 6-1022TX Envy 6-1107TX Envy 6-1206TX
Envy 6-1001TX Envy 6-1012TU Envy 6-1023TX Envy 6-1108TX Envy 6-1207TX
Envy 6-1002TU Envy 6-1012TX Envy 6-1024TU Envy 6-1109TX Envy 6-1208TX
Envy 6-1002TX Envy 6-1013TU Envy 6-1024TX Envy 6-1110TX Envy 6-1209TX
Envy 6-1003TU Envy 6-1013TX Envy 6-1025TU Envy 6-1110US Envy 6-1210TX
Envy 6-1003TX Envy 6-1014NR Envy 6-1025TX Envy 6-1111NR Envy 6-1211TU
Envy 6-1004TU Envy 6-1014TU Envy 6-1026TU Envy 6-1111TX Envy 6-1212TU
Envy 6-1004TX Envy 6-1014TX Envy 6-1030EC Envy 6-1112TX Envy 6-1213TX
Envy 6-1005TU Envy 6-1015NR Envy 6-1040CA Envy 6-1113TX Envy 6-1214TX
Envy 6-1005TX Envy 6-1015TU Envy 6-1047CL Envy 6-1114TX Envy 6-1217TX
Envy 6-1006EA Envy 6-1015TX Envy 6-1048CA Envy 6-1115TX Envy 6-1218TX
Envy 6-1006TU Envy 6-1016TU Envy 6-1051ER Envy 6-1116TX Envy 6-1221TX
Envy 6-1006TX Envy 6-1016TX Envy 6-1083CA Envy 6-1117TX Envy 6-1222TX
Envy 6-1007TU Envy 6-1017CL Envy 6-1090SE Envy 6-1118TX Envy 6-1223TX
Envy 6-1007TX Envy 6-1017TU Envy 6-1101TU Envy 6-1129WM Envy 6-1224TU
Envy 6-1008TU Envy 6-1017TX Envy 6-1101TX Envy 6-1131NR Envy 6-1225TU
Envy 6-1008TX Envy 6-1018TU Envy 6-1102TU Envy 6-1140CA Envy 6-1226TX
Envy 6-1009TU Envy 6-1018TX Envy 6-1102TX Envy 6-1146NR Envy 6-1227TX
Envy 6-1009TX Envy 6-1019NR Envy 6-1103TU Envy 6-1168CA Envy 6T-1000
Envy 6-1010SA Envy 6-1019TU Envy 6-1103TX Envy 6-1180CA Envy 6T-1100
Envy 6-1010TU Envy 6-1019TX Envy 6-1104TU Envy 6-1201TX Envy 6T-1200 Ultrabook
Envy 6-1010TX Envy 6-1020TU Envy 6-1104TX Envy 6-1202TX Envy 6T-1200
Envy 6-1010US Envy 6-1021NR Envy 6-1105TU Envy 6-1203TX Envy 6Z-1000
  Envy 6Z-1100 Envy Sleekbook 6    


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Uniq Sequance UILBHP0141
Manufacturer HP
Brand HP
Laptop Brand & Model HP EnvyBook Series
Product Type Original
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HP EG04XL Laptop Battery

HP Envy 6 Series Laptop Battery - EG04XL

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