HP BI03XL Laptop Battery

HP BI03XL Laptop Battery

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  • HP BI03XL batteries carry a full 6 Months warranty and every battery is tested before it ships.
  • We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells and components that charge faster and last longer than cheaper, lower quality batteries.
  • 11.55 Volts
  • 3470 mAh / 41.7 Wh
  • 3 Cell Li-ion
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Brand HP
Compatible Battery Part Numbers
Compatible Laptop Models
Pavilion X360 13-U001TUPavilion X360 13-U114NAStream 14-AX000NSStream 14-AX009NF
Pavilion X360 13-U002TUPavilion X360 13-U114TUStream 14-AX000NUStream 14-AX009NL
Pavilion X360 13-U003TUPavilion X360 13-U115TUStream 14-AX000NVStream 14-AX009NT
Pavilion X360 13-U004TUPavilion X360 13-U116NAStream 14-AX000NWStream 14-AX009UR
Pavilion X360 13-U005TUPavilion X360 13-U116NZStream 14-AX000NXStream 14-AX010CA
Pavilion X360 13-U007TUPavilion X360 13-U116TUStream 14-AX000URStream 14-AX010DS
Pavilion X360 13-U008TUPavilion X360 13-U116URStream 14-AX001NAStream 14-AX010ND
Pavilion X360 13-U009TUPavilion X360 13-U117NAStream 14-AX001NBStream 14-AX010NF
Pavilion X360 13-U010TUPavilion X360 13-U117TUStream 14-AX001NCStream 14-AX010NL
Pavilion X360 13-U011NAPavilion X360 13-U118NAStream 14-AX001NEStream 14-AX010NZ
Pavilion X360 13-U011TUPavilion X360 13-U118TUStream 14-AX001NFStream 14-AX010UR
Pavilion X360 13-U012TUPavilion X360 13-U119TUStream 14-AX001NGStream 14-AX010WM
Pavilion X360 13-U013NAPavilion X360 13-U120TUStream 14-AX001NIAStream 14-AX011DS
Pavilion X360 13-U013TUPavilion X360 13-U121TUStream 14-AX001NKStream 14-AX011ND
Pavilion X360 13-U014NAPavilion X360 13-U122TUStream 14-AX001NMStream 14-AX011NF
Pavilion X360 13-U014TUPavilion X360 13-U131TUStream 14-AX001NOStream 14-AX011NL
Pavilion X360 13-U015TUPavilion X360 13-U133TUStream 14-AX001NSStream 14-AX011UR
Pavilion X360 13-U016TUPavilion X360 13-U138CAStream 14-AX001NUStream 14-AX012DS
Pavilion X360 13-U017TUPavilion X360 13-U138TUStream 14-AX001NVStream 14-AX012NF
Pavilion X360 13-U018TUPavilion X360 13-U139TUStream 14-AX001URStream 14-AX012NL
Pavilion X360 13-U019TUPavilion X360 13-U140TUStream 14-AX002NBStream 14-AX012UR
Pavilion X360 13-U020TUPavilion X360 13-U141TUStream 14-AX002NCStream 14-AX013NF
Pavilion X360 13-U026TUPavilion X360 13-U142TUStream 14-AX002NGStream 14-AX013UR
Pavilion X360 13-U030TUPavilion X360 13-U143TUStream 14-AX002NIStream 14-AX014NF
Pavilion X360 13-U031TUPavilion X360 13-U144TUStream 14-AX002NKStream 14-AX014NL
Pavilion X360 13-U032TUPavilion X360 13-U145TUStream 14-AX002NMStream 14-AX014UR
Pavilion X360 13-U037TUPavilion X360 13-U159TUStream 14-AX002NOStream 14-AX015NF
Pavilion X360 13-U062NAPavilion X360 13-U160TUStream 14-AX002NPStream 14-AX015UR
Pavilion X360 13-U062SAPavilion X360 13-U161TUStream 14-AX002NSStream 14-AX016NF
Pavilion X360 13-U063SAPavilion X360 13-U162TUStream 14-AX002NTStream 14-AX016NL
Pavilion X360 13-U100NAPavilion X360 13-U163NRStream 14-AX002NWStream 14-AX016UR
Pavilion X360 13-U100TUPavilion X360 13-U163TUStream 14-AX002NXStream 14-AX017UR
Pavilion X360 13-U101NAPavilion X360 13-U164TUStream 14-AX003NAStream 14-AX018UR
Pavilion X360 13-U101NDPavilion X360 13-U165TUStream 14-AX003NCStream 14-AX019NF
Pavilion X360 13-U101NEPavilion X360 13-U166TUStream 14-AX003NFStream 14-AX019NL
Pavilion X360 13-U101NQPavilion X360 13-U167TUStream 14-AX003NIStream 14-AX020CA
Pavilion X360 13-U101NXPavilion X360 13-U168TUStream 14-AX003NKStream 14-AX020NF
Pavilion X360 13-U101TUPavilion X360 13-U169TUStream 14-AX003NMStream 14-AX020NR
Pavilion X360 13-U102NAPavilion X360 13-U170TUStream 14-AX003NSStream 14-AX020WM
Pavilion X360 13-U102NGPavilion X360 13-U171TUStream 14-AX003NWStream 14-AX022NF
Pavilion X360 13-U102TUPavilion X360 13-U172TUStream 14-AX003NXStream 14-AX022NR
Pavilion X360 13-U103NAPavilion X360 13-U173TUStream 14-AX004NAStream 14-AX023NF
Pavilion X360 13-U103NGPavilion X360 13-U174TUStream 14-AX004NFStream 14-AX024NF
Pavilion X360 13-U103TUPavilion X360 13-U175TUStream 14-AX004NLStream 14-AX025NF
Pavilion X360 13-U104NAPavilion X360 13-U176TUStream 14-AX004NMStream 14-AX026NF
Pavilion X360 13-U104TUPavilion X360 13-U177TUStream 14-AX004NPStream 14-AX027CL
Pavilion X360 13-U105NAPavilion X360 13-U178TUStream 14-AX004URStream 14-AX029NF
Pavilion X360 13-U105NEPavilion X360 13-U179TUStream 14-AX005NAStream 14-AX030CA
Pavilion X360 13-U105NFPavilion X360 13-U180NOStream 14-AX005NFStream 14-AX030NG
Pavilion X360 13-U105NHPavilion X360 M3Stream 14-AX005NOStream 14-AX030NR
Pavilion X360 13-U105TUPavilion X360 M3-U001DXStream 14-AX005NPStream 14-AX030NZ
Pavilion X360 13-U106NJPavilion X360 M3-U003DXStream 14-AX005NSStream 14-AX030WM
Pavilion X360 13-U106TUPavilion X360 M3-U101DXStream 14-AX005URStream 14-AX031NG
Pavilion X360 13-U107NAPavilion X360 M3-U103DXStream 14-AX006NCStream 14-AX032NG
Pavilion X360 13-U107TUPavilion X360 M3-U105DXStream 14-AX006NFStream 14-AX040CA
Pavilion X360 13-U108NAProBook X360 11 G1 EEStream 14-AX006NLStream 14-AX040NR
Pavilion X360 13-U108TUProBook X360 11 G2 EEStream 14-AX006NPStream 14-AX040WM
Pavilion X360 13-U109NAStream 14-AX000NAStream 14-AX006NWStream 14-AX050NR
Pavilion X360 13-U109TUStream 14-AX000NDStream 14-AX006URStream 14-AX054NA
Pavilion X360 13-U110NAStream 14-AX000NEStream 14-AX007NFStream 14-AX054SA
Pavilion X360 13-U110NDStream 14-AX000NFStream 14-AX007NLStream 14-AX055SA
Pavilion X360 13-U111NAStream 14-AX000NIStream 14-AX007NSStream 14-AX060NR
Pavilion X360 13-U112NAStream 14-AX000NKStream 14-AX007NTStream 14-AX067NR
Pavilion X360 13-U112TUStream 14-AX000NOStream 14-AX007URStream 14-AX069ST
Pavilion X360 13-U113NLStream 14-AX000NPStream 14-AX008NLStream 14-AX081NO
Pavilion X360 13-U113TUStream 14-AX000NQStream 14-AX008UR
More Information
More Information
Manufacturer HP
Brand HP
Product Type Original
Warranty Six Months Warrnty

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