HP B003XL Laptop Battery

HP B003XL Laptop Battery

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  • HP B003XL battery has an integrated microchip which can prevent overcharging and lengthen the life of battery.
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Availability:In stock
Quick Overview
Brand HP
HP Part Numbers
751895-1B1 773836-1C1 BO03032XL-PL
751895-1C1 774159-001 BO03XL
752235-005 B003XL HSTNN-IB6C
773836-1B1 BO03032XL HSTNN-IB6P
Fit Laptop Models
Chromebook 14 G3 Chromebook 14-X020NA Chromebook 14-X097NF
Chromebook 14-X000NA Chromebook 14-X020NR Stream 14-Z000NA
Chromebook 14-X000NO Chromebook 14-X021DS Stream 14-Z000NE
Chromebook 14-X001TU Chromebook 14-X022DS Stream 14-Z000NM
Chromebook 14-X002TU Chromebook 14-X023DS Stream 14-Z000NO
Chromebook 14-X003NF Chromebook 14-X023NA Stream 14-Z000NR
Chromebook 14-X003NO Chromebook 14-X030NR Stream 14-Z000NS
Chromebook 14-X003TU Chromebook 14-X031NB Stream 14-Z000NX
Chromebook 14-X004NA Chromebook 14-X033NB Stream 14-Z001NA
Chromebook 14-X004TU Chromebook 14-X034NB Stream 14-Z002NA
Chromebook 14-X005TU Chromebook 14-X040NR Stream 14-Z005NF
Chromebook 14-X006NA Chromebook 14-X050NA Stream 14-Z005NL
Chromebook 14-X006TU Chromebook 14-X050NO Stream 14-Z010CA
Chromebook 14-X007TU Chromebook 14-X050NR Stream 14-Z010NR
Chromebook 14-X008TU Chromebook 14-X051NO Stream 14-Z026LA
Chromebook 14-X010CA Chromebook 14-X053NO Stream 14-Z028LA
Chromebook 14-X010NR Chromebook 14-X054NA Stream 14-Z040WM
Chromebook 14-X010WM Chromebook 14-X055NA Stream 14-Z050NA
Chromebook 14-X013DX Chromebook 14-X056NA Stream 14-Z050NG
Chromebook 14-X015WM Chromebook 14-X094NF Stream 14-Z050SA
Chromebook 14-X016NA Chromebook 14-X095NF Stream 14-Z051NG
Chromebook 14-X017NA Chromebook 14-X096NF Stream 14-Z090NG


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Manufacturer HP
Brand HP
Laptop Brand & Model HP Chromebook
Product Type Original
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